Seriously, These Are The Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes Of All Time

I'm one of those people that can't contain myself around babies. I love everything about them: their sweet, chubby little legs, their bald heads, and their incoherent babbling. Once a year, all babies somehow manage to get even cuter — when their parents dress them up in ridiculous costumes for their first Halloween. While it was hard to narrow down this list (you know, since all babies in costumes are truly magical), these are some of the best of the best. These are the 15 cutest baby Halloween costumes of all time.

The best part about choosing a Halloween costume for a baby is the fact that they have no opinion on the costume. In other words, it's the parents' chance to have a little fun. Let's be real, your little one won't end up remembering this holiday whatsoever, and they may not even keep their costume on for longer than a few photos... but it's still worth it. Whether parents go for sweet, traditional, hilarious, or weird, the end results are always incredible. The following round-up is a collection of costumes I've spotted online, celebrity babies who have won Halloweens past, and general inspiration for any parents wondering which costume to choose this October 31.


'80s Workout Baby

'80s Halloween Costume for Toddlers/Babies, $37, Etsy

I love a good throwback costume, and this '80s fitness girl is absolutely precious. You can buy this full outfit on Etsy, or DIY it yourself with a swimsuit, leggings, and some sweatbands. Bonus points if your baby is deliciously chubby.


Baby Kangaroo

Baby Kangaroo Halloween Costume 0-6M, $27, Target

Your baby can have their own little Roo. I love this cuddly costume from Target, not only because it's adorable (duh), but because it's also super comfy, cozy, and warm for your little one. It comes with the jumpsuit, booties, headpiece, and kangaroo stuffed animal.


Baby Barista

Baby Barista Coffee Costume, $25, Party City

Why not celebrate your caffeine addiction by dressing your baby up as a Frappuccino? This baby barista costume comes with the dress and headband, so you don't need to think about anything else.


Baby Farrah Fawcett

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to come up with this hilarious baby costume for his daughter, Frances. He dressed her up as Farrah Fawcett, complete with a sleek red swimsuit and signature waves.


Baby Gnome

Little Gnome Halloween Costume, $21, Carters

Plop your baby down in your front yard and you've got the cutest lawn gnome your neighborhood has ever seen. This all-in-one gnome costume from Carter's comes with the pants, headpiece, and a bubble jacket to give your baby a little belly (or, enhance the one they already have).


Baby Hotdog

In a sea of princesses, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter was... a hot dog. Her face says she may not have loved the get-up, but everyone else certainly did.


Elderly Babies

Old Lady Hat & Wig, $45, Etsy

Babies dressed up as grandmas and grandpas will never stop being funny. These sweet little knitted "wigs" are available on Etsy, or you can DIY the look with some fake pearls, floral dress, and a little cardigan. If your baby is willing to keep glasses on their face, even better! The wigs are definitely worth the splurge though.


Babies In Neverland

I love a good group costume, and the Decker family had one of the best for Halloween 2016. Jessie James Decker went as Wendy, her husband Eric as Captain Hook, while babies Vivianne and Eric Jr. played the roles of Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.


Baby Ewok

Star Wars Ewok Costume for Baby, $35, Disney Store

I'm not a Star Wars fan, but I'm closer than ever after seeing this costume. This amazing little Ewok getup comes with the full bodysuit and headpiece, and will keep baby completely warm and cozy for your family's Halloween adventures.


Baby Trump

Comedian Casey Wilson couldn't resist dressing her son, Max, up as then-Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Of course, there was a catch: baby Trump was sporting some Hilary 2016 buttons!


Baby Strawberry

Macklemore's baby daughter Sloane was an adorable piece of fruit for her first Halloween in 2015. She was strawberried out from her headband to her little booties, and her bubble dress even created the perfect strawberry silhouette.


Baby Lamb

Baby Little Lamb, $30, Party City

There's nothing cuter than a baby human dressed up as a baby animal. This adorably fluffy lamb costume from Party City comes with everything you need for this look: a sweet tutu dress, headpiece, pink tights, and little booties.


Little Monster

Jana Kramer's daughter Jolie clearly wasn't too thrilled to be dressed up as a little monster for Halloween 2016, but I'd say the tears are worth it. This monster probably won't be scaring anyone, except, of course, the baby inside the costume.


Baby Ramen Noodles

Ramen Baby Costume, $49, Etsy

The only thing better than Cup Noodles are Cute Noodles. This precious costume comes with a custom onesie and hat with attached "noodles."


Cutest Trolls

Justin Timberlake clearly can't get enough of Trolls! Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel recreated the main characters of the movie with son Silas, who clearly can't stop the feelin' on his way to trick or treat.