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15 Dog Names Based On Royals, To Bestow Upon Your 4-Legged Heir

It seems like everywhere you look these days, the British royals are making headlines. With the arrival of Prince Louis, the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, and Pippa Middleton's recent pregnancy announcement, there is a lot happening in and around Buckingham Palace. Plus, with binge-worthy show's like The Crown out, the royal family has never seemed more fascinating. If you're obsessed with the Windsors, well, it only makes sense to name your dog after them! Fortunately, there are plenty of dog names based on royals for you to choose from.

Chances are, you already treat your new pup like royalty, so why not give them a moniker that makes their royal status official? You can choose from the current crop of royals or go way back in the history books for name options. If you've always had your eye on Prince Harry, well, name your dog after him and you can tell your friends you "slept next to Prince Harry last night" — and mean it. Or, if you loved The Tudors on Showtime back in the day, then choose a name like Boleyn (after Anne Boleyn, King Henry VII's second wife), for a cool dog name with historical ties.

If you're trying to find just the right name for your four-legged prince or princess, the royals offer endless inspiration. Here are 15 royal name options for the new pooch in your life.



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Those in the know, know that close friends of Prince William call him 'Wills'. If you've got a dog that's clearly the king of the house, then naming him or her after the future King of England seems only fitting.



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Queen Elizabeth may be 92 years old, but back when she was a young girl, she gave herself the nickname, Tillabet, according to Town & Country. If your darling pooch demands the royal treatment, the adorable name Tillabet is just too perfect.



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Little Prince George always seems to be hamming it up. If you've got an especially playful pooch on your hands, the name George seems like a royal choice. The young prince is often called 'Georgie' by his family, according to Town & Country, and that seems like a great doggie nickname too!

Plus, if you go with then name George for your pooch, you'll be in good company. Ryan Gosling's late dog was named George.



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The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, commonly known as "Fergie", has had some big falling-outs with the royal family, but she remains a fascinating figure nonetheless. If you've got a ginger-hued pooch, or a dog with a mischievous streak, then the name Fergie is quite apropos.



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Prince Philip, the husband to Queen Elizabeth, usually shies away from the spotlight, but fans of the Netflix show, The Crown, will know that he could just be one of the most interesting royals yet. If you root for the charming prince with the troubled past, then naming your pooch after Prince Philip could be the right move.



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It may already be more than 20 years since her untimely death, but Princess Di will always be "The People's Princess." If you love her style and grace, then naming your dog, Diana or Lady Di, is a loving tribute. It's the perfect name for a real princess of dog.



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The youngest member of the royal family, and dare I say the cutest, was given a name long-rooted in royalty. Pronounced Lou-e, (the "s" is silent), the littlest royal gets his name from Louis IV Grand Duke of Hesse, as well as from Lord Mountbatten, who was also named Louis, according to Town & Country. If your dog walks like a prince, barks like a prince, and even sleeps like a prince, then you know you need to call him Louis, or just Lou.



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Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah Ferguson (aka Fergie), is the Queen's third granddaughter. Her name is pronounced 'Yoo-jenny', but her mom calls her 'Eugie', according to Fergie's recent tweet announcing her daughter's engagement. Both Eugenie and Eugie seem like adorable names for an eccentric little furball.



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Wallis Simpson will always be tied to scandal in royal circles. That's because Simpson, later known as the Duchess of Windsor, was a twice-divorced socialite who reportedly "seduced" the then sitting king, Edward VIII, and caused him to give up his crown, in order to marry her, according to Biography. If you like stories of dynamic women, then you need to name your dog Wallis.



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For history buffs, King Richard, who served as king of England from 1189 to 1199, is best known as "Richard the Lionhearted." If your dog is a total crusader, then the name Richard, Rich, or even Lion, is apt.



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The little princess, now fourth in line to the throne, has a cherubic face and some of the world's most amazing outfits. If your adorable little pup is always dressed to the nines with the most adorable, forgivable face, then the name Charlotte seems like the right fit.



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Prince Edward is Queen Elizabeth's third son. His official title is Earl of Wessex, so if you have lots of names to draw from there — Edward, Ed, Earl, or even Wessex.



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For those who are already keen on the name Alice, you'll be heartened to know that it also has royal ties. Princess Alice Maud Mary was the third-born daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The name Alice makes an adorable name for a dog, but so does her middle name, Maud.



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There have been several English kings named Henry, though Henry VIII is probably the most famous, known for his fondness for women (he was married six times). If your dog really seems to love the ladies at the dog park, then the name Henry, or Hank for short, could be an inspired choice.



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Isla Phillips is the Queen's great-granddaughter and is now the 16th in line to the throne, according to Town & Country. To trace her lineage more, she's the granddaughter daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, and a second cousin to George, Charlotte and Louis. So if you love the name Isla, calling your pup by that name is a royally good idea.