15 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

When I was younger, I was obsessed with having long hair. There was always something so interesting about seeing the things women did with their longer locks that I can't do with my shorter ones. I always get upset when I see my sister, who has much longer and thicker hair than I do, opt out of the many styles for longer hair because she claims they're "too difficult." With many tutorials for easy hairstyles for long hair out now though, her finding the perfect style to suit her needs shouldn't cause many issues anymore.

From natural or textured hair to thick or curly hair, YouTube has opened up so many doors for women with longer hair to find ways to create unique and stylish hairdos. Even if your hair's length comes from extensions, because you haven't decided if permanent longer hair is for you, there are plenty of styles that you can achieve with your extensions that will give you the look you're going for.

Though I'm not convinced growing my hair back out is the right thing for me, these 15 styles for longer hair are surely making me reconsider. And, I'm sure they'll give you a little inspiration, too.


2-Minute Bubble Bun

A step up from your regular styled bun, the 2-minute bubble bun by YouTube user MakeupWearables Hairstyles, is perfect for any occasion.


Two Twists & A Puff

Natural hair YouTuber SimplYounique delivered a simple go-to two twists and a puff style for women with medium or longer length hair.


Rope-Braided Side Bun

What cuter way to rock a side bun than to wear AKMakeup1's rope-braided side bun when you're out and about?


Elegant Natural Hair Style

JourneyTo WaistLength's YouTube tutorial on this gorgeous elegant natural hair style is the epitome of beauty.


Perfect Low Bun

If simple elegance is the style you're shooting for this year, Luxy Hair's perfect low bun should be your first pick.


Sleek Low Ponytail

Simple, quick, and stylish, TheBrilliantBeauty's sleek ponytail is great for all the curly hair women out there.


Easy Braid Hairstyle

YouTuber FarahDhukai's tutorial on the easy braid hairstyle is cute enough for any event you're planning on attending.


10-Minute Jumbo Twist With Kanekalon Hair

If you're hair isn't long enough to obtain the jumbo twist look on it's own, Esther Moore-Helfer's tutorial with kanekalon hair is just what you need.


Mohawk Braid Top Knot

Missy Sue's mohawk braid top knot will make you want to grow your hair out to achieve this awesomely cute style.



Watching TiffanyNicholsDesign on YouTube will give you ultimate natural hair goals with her twist'n'bun hairstyle.


Dutch Braid Faux Hawk Pony

The Confessions of a Hairstylist YouTube delivered an epic tutorial on the dutch braid faux hawk pony that'll have you looking like an official rocker.


French Braided Up-do

TheChicNatural gave natural girls a cute new way to spice up their top bun with the stylish and fab French braided up-do.


Easy Looped Upstyle

Confessions of a Hairstylist YouTube provided a great spring or summer 'do with the easy looped upstyle.


Bun Hawk Updo

Who could deny the loveliness of TheChicNatural's bun hawk updo?


The Party Bow

YouTuber Ya Ya Hairstyle proved that party bow hairstyles aren't just for the kids or teenagers with this awesome tutorial.