15 Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

Living in Florida for most of my life, I made the decision to maintain shorter length hair. Though many women kept their tresses long and covering their neck, there was something about that ridiculous heat that made me opt for a shorter style all those years. With my shorter style though, came the challenge of finding something to do with it other than wear it down. Now, having cut my hair even shorter, having easy hairstyles for short hair to revert to has been a savior.

Whether you're a woman with newly natural hair or one that just changed up her look by taking a few inches off, getting used to your new shorter style can be difficult. For me, finding different things to do with my hair when I cut it was annoying and discouraging. But once I jumped on YouTube and started discovering all the wonderful hairstyles that I could recreate with my shorter 'do, I started having a little fun with my hair again.

Changing up your look can be a scary thing. That's why doing a little research to make sure you can handle what you're looking to do can come in handy. If you're thinking about getting the big chop or just looking for a way to fab up your currently drab look, these 15 tutorials can help.


Double Dutch French Braid

YouTube user ThatsHeart gave short hair having gals a little braided inspiration with this double dutch French braid tutorial.


Puff With Short Natural Hair

Not quite sure where to start with your natural hair? Jaelah O'Neil slays her natural curls with the simple puff with short natural hair tutorial.


Halo Braid

Fun YouTuber Milabu gave the ladies with shorter hair a cute way to rock braids with the halo braid tutorial.


Finger Coils

For women with natural hair, Being Melody delivered a cute way to rock your finger coils on a tapered cut.


Simple Boho Bun

Though cutting your hair shorter may take away from a few of your favorite long hair styles, YouTube user froufrou412 demonstrated how to still get a cute look with the simple boho bun for short hair tutorial.


Chunky Twist Out

Nothing is better than creating the right twist out and My Natural Sistas delivered that with this YouTube video for the chunky twist out.


Short Hair Updo

Milabu's YouTube videos are super cute and fun, and she definitely demonstrated that in this tutorial for the short hair updo.


Two Puff Balls

If putting your natural hair in one puff isn't enough to give you the look you're going for, Jaela O'Neil's tutorial for the two puff balls looks is guaranteed to fit your style.


Big Messy Bun

Short hair? No problem. Mzbetty92's tutorial will give you a quick and cute way to wear a big messy bun with your shorter lengthed hair.


Bantu Knots

Though bantu knots may take a little more time than 10 minutes, Its Queen shows women with shorter natural hair that it's still possible to pull off the style.


Twisted Updo

A chic option for whatever your day has in store, The Small Things Blog on YouTube delivered the twisted updo tutorial to suit your stylish needs.


Flat Twists

If in need for a stylish protective style, J Mayo's tutorial on how to get the perfect flat twist is for you


Soft Waves On Short Hair

Simple and to the point, The Small Things Blog's YouTube video on how to get soft waves on a short hair is ideal for any outfit.


Flat Twists And Curls Updo

Whether you're looking for a style to wear for a business reason or just looking for a way to keep your tresses tight for your night out, YouTuber askpRay's flat twists and curls updo is it.


Faux Hawk On Short Hair

If Milabu's YouTube isn't on your favorites list yet, this tutorial for the faux hawk on short hair will help her channel get there.