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15 Easy Halloween Costumes To Make Yourself

Halloween is almost here, and if anyone is like me, the planning for Halloween costumes has gotten lost in the quickness of summer. Every year I vow to take the time to develop the best Halloween costume. But because I'm both cheap and a sometime procrastinator, I never do that. Because of that though, I've mastered the method to finding easy Halloween costumes to make yourself and get some massive props from the crowd along the way.

My reasoning for finding DIY costumes is more on the side of me being cheap than it is being a procrastinator, but for some people, the creativity and uniqueness of DIY costumes is what keeps them on the lookout for new ideas every year. When I was in college, purchasing a one-time outfit — even if it were for Halloween — was out of the question for myself and many of my friends, so DIY costumes were always our go-to's for all the ghoulish and foolish parties. Now that it's a few years later, I would still rather keep it cheap and creative then to spend money on a costume that someone else just may have at the party, too.

Whether you're a creative soul or just looking to save a few coins, these 15 DIY costume ideas will come in handy for this year's festivities.


Salt & Pepper

Dressing up as salt and pepper with your friend or significant other is a super easy costume for Halloween. Salt requires a plain white t-shirt ($6) and a grey beanie ($4), while pepper requires a black t-shirt ($6) and grey beanie ($4). To add emphasis to your costume, print or write out "S" on your salt shirt in black and "P" in white on your pepper shirt in white.


Steve From 'Blues Clues'

Remember Steve from Blue's Clues on Nickelodeon? Bring him back for Halloween this year. Though you probably won't be able to nab an identical green shirt like his, this green IZOD shirt ($20) and a pair of khaki pants ($16).


Mad Hatter

If you've always been a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter character, this easy to do outfit would be great for this Halloween. The best part is, there's no matching necessary. Try pairing this floral skirt ($11), a tailored blazer ($49), a nice blouse ($23), a vest ($13), and a pair of funky socks ($9). To add an extra pop to your costume, make your own cardboard Mad Hatter hat from John Canivan's YouTube tutorial.


Laura Croft

Becoming Laura Croft for Halloween is pretty easy and can be done with many of the things that you have in your closet. Just in case you need to pick up anything though, search for a ribbed crop top ($7), khaki shorts ($13), and some brown boots ($24).



Being a scarecrow is probably one of the easiest costumes around. To make the costume, all you need is a flannel shirt ($15), a pair of boots ($24), a pair of jeans ($10), and a beach hat ($12). In addition, find a few straws of hay to stick in the sleeves of your shirt and your boots and to let fall from underneath your hat.


Wednesday Addams

Good at being sarcastically mean? This Wednesday Addams costume may be for you. All you'll need is a black dress with a white collar ($35) and black tights ($6,).


Pinterest Board

Becoming a Pinterest board for Halloween is one costume I never thought of until now. Find a white t-shirt ($6), print out and cut your Pinterest logo, and pick a few of your favorite pins to add to your shirt.


Penny Proud

The Proud Family's Penny Proud for this year's Halloween gathering will be the coolest outfit out. Just grab a red or burgundy colored skirt ($13), a white blouse ($10), and a pink cardigan ($20).


Kim Possible

Looking to fix the ghastly sitch this year? Turn into Kim Possible with a black long sleeve crop top ($11), and a pair of green cargo pants ($25).



One character from Rugrats that didn't get enough shine was Angelica's doll, Cynthia. If you're ready to give her the exposure she deserves, dress up in a pink dress ($49), a yellow belt ($6) and give your hair a few ponytails.


Johnny Bravo

"Hu-ha-hu!" Give your best impression of Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo by dressing up in a black t-shirt ($6), light blue denim jeans ($20, and some trendy black shades ($10). Don't forget to slather your hair in gel.


Ariana Grande

Channel your inner-diva by becoming Ariana Grande this Halloween. All you need is a black bodycon dress ($8), some white duct tape ($5), and some white or black boots ($45).



Becoming a ladybug will need limited to no work for you. Just throw on a simple red dress ($13) with some black circles made from construction paper, black tights ($6), and a red or black headband ($6).



Feeling a little touristy? To create this outfit, all you really need is a fanny pack ($8). If you really want to step it up though, throw on some khaki shorts ($17), a printed button down ($30), tourist sandals ($16), and some white socks.


Glamour Shots Model

Throw it back to the '80s and recreate your favorite Glamour Shots picture. Find a colorful boa ($7), some flashy fake diamond earrings ($28), puff up your hair, and go heavy on the make-up. And, whenever it's time to take a photo, get your best Glamour pose on, girl.