15 2017 Father's Day Cards For Stepdads

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

Growing up without my birth dad was a little tough. Though we spoke occasionally, I never understood why he didn't want to be apart of my life. I saw him move on with a new family, and look incredibly happy while doing it. To be honest, it made me feel like I didn't exist to him and made the times that we did speak feel awkward. Because of this, I've always referred to my stepdad as my dad and never thought to look for Father's Day cards for stepdads because I truly do see him as my dad.

Although this is true for me, I have friends who have a great relationship with both their biological dad and their stepdad. In those cases, finding the perfect card for both are a necessity. For some, getting their stepdad a general dad card for Father's Day is OK. Others, however, may like to differentiate between their dad and stepdad, so having a card that separates the two is important. Whatever your reasoning may be, knowing that there are options to choose from will save you a lot of time searching around for them.

Not sure which card you should choose? Here are 15 options to get you started.


The World's Okayest Step Dad

Want a funny card that shows how much you appreciate your stepdad for all that he does? Try giving him "The World's Okayest Step Dad" card ($5)


You Are My Step Father

This "You Are My Step Father" card ($5) is a cute way to show the Star Wars loving stepdad in your life how much you appreciate him.


Thanks For Putting Up With Me

If you need a way to thank your stepdad for continuously dealing with you. this "Thanks For Putting Up With Me" card ($4) will be perfect.


Thanks For Marrying My Mom

If it weren't your stepdad marrying your mom, he wouldn't have the pleasure of calling you his stepchild. Show him how much it means to you with this "Thanks For Marrying My Mom" card ($5).


Like I Was Your Own

There's nothing like having a close relationship with your stepdad and this "Like I Was Your Own" card ($5) is a great way to show your him what it means to you.


Dad Suit

Whether you need a card for your stepdad or just the man who stepped up and played the role of a dad for you, this "Dad Suit" card ($4) is a great pick.


The Gift Of You

If having your stepdad around has been an important part of your life, giving him this "The Gift Of You" card ($4) will warm his heart.


Bonus Dad

Has having two dads been better than having one? Give your stepdad this "Bonus Dad" card ($4) to show him that he's appreciated.


Like A Dad To Me

Is there a guy out there that took you under his wing that you want to show some love to this Father's Day? This "Like A Dad To Me" card ($6) is the card you should consider giving him.


A Very Cool Stepdad

Have the coolest stepdad around? Celebrate him with this "A Very Cool Stepdad" card ($2).


Happy Awkward Father's Day

If you're looking for a way to make light of the awkwardness Father's Day brings for some, this "Happy Awkward Father's Day" card ($5) is a great way to do it.


From The Child You Inherited

If you and your stepdad have a fun relationship, this "From The Child You Inherited" card ($4) will be perfect.


Only Better

Is you stepdad the best of the best? Give him this "Only Better" card ($4) to let him know.


Someone Special

Being a dad takes a lot of work, so if your stepdad stepped up to the plate, show him some love this year with the "Someone Special" card ($4).


By Choice

If your stepdad loves and cares for you like you're his own, then this "By Choice" card ($5) is definitely for him.