15 Feminist Valentine's Day Cards To Give To Your Empowered Loved Ones

I’m a self-professed paper goods addict. Whether it’s journals, sticky notes, stationery, thank you notes, or occasion specific cards, I’ve probably got an option tucked away in my stash for whatever your heart desires. That includes and is definitely not limited to, a slew of feminist Valentine's Day cards. But you know what? I don’t have nearly enough. I’m a big fan of snail mail, and this Valentine’s Day, I plan on sending each of my nearest and dearest their own feminist-inspired card for the holiday. (If you think I’m joking, you don’t know me well enough.) Valentine’s Day might be seen as a commercial holiday, but I plan on using it to spread my feminist agenda to everyone in my life.

Whether you have a boyfriend who needs a reminder of how awesome gender equality is, or a sister who could use a little feminist pick-me-up, there’s a Valentine’s Day card out there for you. And if you plan on celebrating Galentine’s Day on Feb. 13, both Leslie Knope and I salute you, sister. So read on, click away, and get to sending that feminist snail mail. Nothing brightens someone’s day like a little bit of feminist agenda in their mailbox.


I Love Your...

The only thing better than a sex-positive Valentine's Day? A sex-positive Valentine's card ($4).


Uteruses Before Duderuses Card

Who better to gallop into this year's Valentine's extravaganza, then with your favorite gal pal? Take a note from one of my favorite feminists, and give this Leslie Knope inspired card ($4) to your favorite lady.


Girl Gang

Grab a handful of these and send this Girl Gang card ($4) to your whole squad.


Yass Queen

This Broad City card ($4) is the stuff of dreams. Send one to your favorite queen and let the hearteyes commence.


Be My Galentine

Dole out this Be My Galentine card ($4) to all of your best gals.


You're Getting Laid Tonight

This getting laid greeting card ($5) is not only funny, but it reminds your partner who's in charge.


Single On Valentine's Day

Everybody knows that being single on Valentine's Day can really, really suck, so don't forget to give your favorite single gals a card that celebrates being single ($5).


I Want You Inside Me

What's better than a sexy and straightforward valentine ($3)?


You Look So Good From Behind

The perfect valentine for bookworms ($5) , with a funny little innuendo attached.


Notorious RBG

With an inside that reads, "You Rule!" — this Ruth Bader Ginsburg card ($5) is perfect for anyone in need of a valentine this year.


Obligatory Greeting

Because not every girl gets in a tizzy over Valentine's Day, this obligatory mushy card ($5) is perfect for anyone who doesn't buy into the hype, but still wants to celebrate in their own way.


Grateful For The Orgasm

A little cheeky, a little hint? This o-face oriented naughty valentine ($4) is sure to to give anyone a good laugh.


You're So Fabulous

What better way to tell someone how much you care about them than with a comparison to some of the greatest women in history? This Galentine's card ($8) is sure to woo your favorite gal.


Best Friends Before Boyfriends

What better way to remind your bestie that she trumps any dude in your life than by giving her this best friends over boyfriends card ($4)?


Don't Believe In Valentine's

For your favorite friend who doesn't believe in the commercial agenda, roses, or candy hearts, a card for non believers ($5).