Courtesy of Ashton Stronks

15 Finger Tattoos That Are Totally On Point

Inking your digits has never been so on trend. They're discreet, sexy, and basically a lazy girl's jewelry. And because they've become so popular, finding finger tattoo inspiration has never been easier.

But before you put the needle to your fingers, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, you're bound to feel more pain when getting finer ink, and with good reason. Doctors who contribute to the medical blog Inner Body, reported that not only are there approximately 200,000 neurons in each hand. The Guardian reiterated this claim with an article that investigated how the neurons in fingertips affect the body, in all different parts. So, not only are there major nerve endings in the fingers, but each finger will, "receive signals from millions of sensory receptors that detect touch, pressure, temperature, and pain."

But, no pain, no gain. Right? Many people are tatting their fingers in lieu of wedding bands. And by many people, I mean Beyoncé and Jay Z, who tattooed "IV" on their ring fingers when they wed in 2008 to represent ther wedding day (April 4) and their respective birthdays (Beyoncé's is Sept. 4 and Jay's is Dec. 4.) But you don't need to be rich and famous to ink your digit). Just be sure to upkeep your finger tat with plenty of sunscreen and moisturizer, because according to the website Tattoo Junkies, a website for a studio in New Hampshire, "all finger tattoos need touch ups from time to time and are harder to heal."

With that in mind, get inspired by these 15 finger tattoos that are seriously on point.


A Pair Of Roses

These two sisters get matching pink roses on their middle fingers, right below the knuckle. Talk about blood sisters!


Emoji Inspired Finger Doodles

Sometimes your emoji game is so strong that you need to show it off.


A Little Fly & The Evil Eye

Goth meets demure in this bewitching finger doodle design.


'A' Is For Apple

This design is clean and crisp, just like a Red Delicious apple.


Mended Heart & Other Finger Doodles

Finger doodles accentuate jewelry, and you never have to worry about misplacing a ring.


A Full Deck

Who needs an ace up her sleeve when she's showing all her cards in one hand?


Get That Scrilla

Need a reminder to stay on your hustle? Why not ink C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) on your hand?


Make A Wish

Courtesy of Bianca Barrera

New York/Miami model and visual artist Bianca Barrera is all about the wishbone.


Numbers & Letters

Courtesy of Jade Anderson

New York actress Jade Anderson experiences the 11:11 phenomenon with her family. "We pause at 11:11 a.m. or p.m. to think about each other and then send a text saying, 'I love you, xoxo 11:11.' And the 'D' beneath is the initial of my SO."


Drop Anchor

Ahoy! This nautical design is a classic, which means it will never go out of style—an important design choice when going for permanent ink.


The Bling Ring

You don't need anyone to put a ring on it. Ink one on yourself.


Only Hearts

Don't wear your heart on your sleeve; wear it on your finger.


Get Lit...

Like lightsaber lit. May the force be with you.


A Triangle

Courtesy of Bianca Barrera

If you get flipped the bird by someone with a rad triangle on her hand, well, at least you have some sweet ink to look at. Right?


In Memoriam

Courtesy of Ashton Stronks

L.A. lady, Ashton Stronks tatted her finger in memory of her dog, Austin. "He was unfortunately hit by a car about a year ago, I got this not long after for him. I chose the ring finger because of what's known as the 'vein of love' finger, thought to have a vein running directly to the heart, which is also why we have it as the wedding ring finger."

Feeling inspired? Good! But if you're still hesitant to get inked for good, test out the look with a flash tattoo.