15 Finger Tattoos That'll Inspire You To Follow The New Trend


From full sleeves to micro pieces, there are a wide range of options when it comes to the size, location, and style of your tattoo choice. Though getting inked has risen and popularity and doesn't quite carry the stigma it used to in your grandparents' day, some people are still hesitant to get anything that could attract too much attention. Luckily, there are plenty of finger tattoos that'll inspire you to follow the new trend that can be as subtle or as bold as you'd like.

Even more interesting, the location on the finger is just as varied as the ink work itself. You've probably seen people with a mustache tat on the inside of their index finger that they cleverly use to make a mini 'stache abover their lip. But since finger tattoos have become more mainstream, people have taken to making full use of the entire canvas of the finger. From dot work to geometric designs, there truly are endless options when it comes to how and where you get inked on your digits.

So if you're looking for some inspiration or are just a little curious, check out these finger tattoos from Instagram that are sure to spark some creativity for your own piece.

1Channel Calmness

Courtesy of jessicachanner on instagram

Say "ohm" with this petite petal design and channel your inner serenity. Subtle yet striking, this lotus finger tattoo is beautiful.

2Double Down On Dots

Courtesy of maic on instagram

Why just stick with one finger? This interesting and captivating dot work speaks volumes despite its understated design.

3Go Bold

Courtesy of dicky1981 on instagram

Going with the bolder choice of placing the piece on the front of the finger, this rose tattoo, has a bit of gothic charm about it.

4Say It Simply

Courtesy of chengm_ on instagram

Sometimes the simplest sentiments are strong enough to stand on their own. This demure script-style "love," appropriately placed on the ring finger, is truly sweet.

5Feel Fierce

Courtesy of capu_tattoo on instagram

Most people don't necessarily go with the thumb for their finger tattoo location, but this undeniably fierce tiger is a force with which to be reckoned.

6Stay Light

Courtesy of queenwanilla on instagram

This simple dot and heart combination is just the right amount of whimsy for any finger tattoo.

7Follow Your Heart

Courtesy of rosmaris on instagram

Who needs a ring when you can have a delicate yet striking set of arrows on your finger?

8Switch It Up

Courtesy of malena.warnke on instagram

Instead of the front or side of the finger, you can mix things up a bit and go with some ink in this somewhat secretive spot.

9Ring In Style

Courtesy of frastileandmore on instagram

A tattoo can make more than a statement, it can also be the perfect (permanent) accessory to complete your style.

10Make A Promise

Courtesy of artbymarc on instagram

Giving new meaning to the term "pinky promise," this sweet tattoo set is ideal for best friends.

11Embrace Eccentricity

Courtesy of parkkaro on instagram

Anatomy, math, science, combine them all in a unique tattoo. The next time your teacher asks you to solve for X, just show them your ink.

12Combine Lines & Angles

Courtesy of magicalworldofsuz on instagram

Lines, dots, arros, and even the occassional insect can all be brought together to create a work of art that's truly one of a kind.

13Anchor Yourself

Courtesy of nmb1979 on instagram

Whether you love all things nautical or you want a metaphorical reminder to stay grounded, this petite anchor tattoo is the perfect inspiration.

14Celebrate Life

Courtesy of _amysilverman on instagram

Sometimes, when you're just over the moon about where you are in life, the best way to celebrate is by getting a piece of ink to commemorate the moment, like this tropical piece.

15Color Your World

Coutesy of piopalupi on instagram

You don't have to stick with traditional black for your design, you can get colorful and creative, like this bohemian style piece.