15 French Baby Names That'll Give Your Child A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi


Whether your family hails from a different country or you are just drawn to other cultures and traditions, it is common for parents to look to popular names from foreign countries to inspire your baby's moniker. The popular American baby names can get old after a while, so turning to a culture you admire for some fresh name inspiration is a choice you won't regret. And, just as with fashion and food, the French have some of the most beautiful names around. There is something about the way French baby names flow off the tongue that make them sound automatically elegant, stylish, and one of a kind.

From quintessential classics like Madeline and Felix, to more original names like Landry or Bellamy, French baby names aren't easily forgotten and will definitely give your child a moniker that stands out from the rest.

So if you are looking for a name that has that special something, or je ne sais quoi as the French would say, take a cue from the culture that gave the world things like croissants, Les Miserables, The Louvre, and the most romantic city on earth, and choose a moniker that won't loose it's elegance anytime soon.

1. Landry


This French word for ruler makes the perfect gender-neutral name. It can easily be paired with a more common middle name to give it an extra kick.

2. Aveline


This sweet name meaning "the hazlenut tree" is a stunning alternative to the more common Evelyn or Adeline. It's vintage and elegant and would make the perfect name for a little girl.

3. Bellamy


A much more original spin on the "Bella" craze, Bellamy means "fine friend."

4. Danton


This variation of Dante, meaning "enduring," is a unique choice and could be used for either a boy or a girl.

5. Anaïs


Pronounced "an-nah-eese", this name means "grace" and is as unique is it is beautiful.

6. Noel


Though the French word for Christmas isn't only limited to winter babies, it is the perfect name for a baby due around the holidays.

7. Clement


This unique name means "mild or merciful," and is a rather unheard of option. Another alternative that's just as sweet for a baby girl is the name Clementine.

8. Coralie


The French word for coral is currently very popular in Quebec. It's not hard to see why though — the name is much softer than Coraline or Caroline and has a hint of femininity and fun.

9. Enzo


Though this name is originally Italian, it's all the rage in France right now. It's a diminutive form of Henry and Lorenzo, though it would stand just fine on it's own as well.

10. Madeline


A classic French name, Madeline means high tower, or simply woman from Magdala, but if you're looking for a name that's unequivocally French, this is the one.

11. Sydney


Originally a saint's name, Sydney is a great gender-neutral option named after the patron saint Dennis.

12. Jacqueline


Classy and elegant, Jacqueline means "supplanter" and is a longer alternative to Jackie.

13. Andre


Andre means "man," and has a bit more character than the more common Andrew.

14. Felix


Felix is the French word for happy or fortunate and, as such, makes the perfect name for a happy baby boy.

15. Colette


Traditionally a French surname, Colette is beautiful enough to be a first name as well.