15 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Mom Squad Aside From A Trip To The Playground

by Autumn Jones

You and your Mom Squad have been all over town together. To the library for story time, the Halloween Parade at the school. You have been to the park together so many times, you've carved your initials into the bench where you sit and watch the kids. But it's time to plan an outing that doesn't involve your kids, or listening to a person holding a puppet read a fairy tale. You know the time has come for some 100 percent grown woman fun, and you want to plan something fun to do with your Mom Squad.

So where do you begin? For starters, think of things you all have in common (beside kids) and go from there. Maybe you all like Ryan Gosling and want to swoon over him in his new flick. If you're all into art, take a pottery class or tackle on of those projects you've had pinned for three years. Or maybe you just want to relax over a glass of wine. No matter what you do, spending time with your friends is the top priority, and when you're with your Mom Squad, you always have a good time.

If you eaten all the new restaurants and tried that trendy bar everyone has been talking about, then start to think outside the ordinary options. Send an invitation out to your best girls and surprise them with one of these 15 fun things to do with your Mom Squad.


Take A Class

Sign up for a one-time seminar or ongoing class for something that interest you like cooking or art. It's a fun way to spend time together and you might even learn something too!


Plan Your Escape

Try one of the escape adventures, such as Room Escape, popping up in cities across the country. This is a team game, where you must work together to hatch a brilliant plan to escape from the room you have been "trapped" in.


Brave A Zip Lining Coures

Any thrill seekers in your group? I can't think of a better way to bond with your mom squad, than by zipping through the air on a thin wire.


Go Dancing

There is no better way to release some stress than a good old fashion booty shaking sesh. If you can't make it out to the club, schedule a dance party in your living room.


Visit A Psychic

Make an evening of scheduling a group session with a psychic. And try to plan time for drinks afterward, since you are going to have a lot of topics about your future to discuss.


Do A Wine Tasting

Check your local vineyards, restaurants, wine stores, and wine bars to see when their next tasting is, and put it on the books. If you can't find one you like, host your own.


Try Indoor Rock Climbing

If you're not ready to take your crew scaling a mountain, start with a local indoor rock climbing facility. Next stop, Yosemite.


Hit The Spa

What could be more relaxing than sitting in robes and sipping on wine? Doing it at the spa where you can also get a massage a pedicure.


Go To A Concert

Live music is always a good time. Gather your girls for a night with one of your favorite artists.


Take It On The Road

Make plans to take a weekend away with your Mom Squad. Hit the road and forget all your responsibilities. (They will be right there waiting for you when you get back.)


Cocktails and Nails

Sure, you've heard of the mani/pedi . . . but how about the mani/martini? That's when you get your nails done and then go out for drinks to show off your fancy new statement nail.


Take A Ghost Tour

Check your city — or one near-by — for guided ghosts tours. Make it extra creepy by booking the night slot.


Go For A Hike

Start your weekend off with a Saturday morning hike. Which is really just an excuse to hit up an incredible brunch after.


Plan A Girls Night In

Forget about dressing up and going out, crack open a bottle of wine and kick back in your yoga pants for a night in with your Mom Squad.


Go To A Comedy Club

Nothing beats a tough week like a belly laugh (or ten!). Head out to a comedy club for a fun and funny evening.

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