15 Funny Father's Day Cards Guaranteed To Tickle…

Growing up, I wasn't really too close with my real father or my stepfather. Though my stepfather has been around since I was about four, he was a man of very few words. I've always been intimidated by him, but one thing I've always noticed is his sarcastic sense of humor. It may have taken a lot to get a smile out of him, but once he finally laughed, it was hard to get him to stop. And I'd like to think there are some funny Father's Day cards that'd get a good laugh out of him. '

It's easy to stop by the store and find a sentimental card for pops. But finding a card that can deliver a quality joke can be quite the challenge. This year, I have all the plans to change that. Even if I have to create the card myself, I vow to give my dad something to laugh at when he opens up his card this year for Father's Day. If your dad is as hard to impress as mine when it comes to a good laugh, these 15 funny cards will help you achieve your goal of making him laugh this Father's Day.


Round Of Applause

There's no better feeling than to remind your dad how awesome of a kid he raised, and this "I Turned Out Awesome" card ($5) is a great way to prove it.


The Force Is With Him

Even if his love for Star Wars isn't as great as yours, this "YoDa Best" card ($3) is still funny enough for him to get this year.


Somebody Call 911

Whether you're short on rent, having car troubles, or need a bill paid, dad is always there to fix the problem. This "Call Dad" card ($4) shows him that his help is always noticed and appreciated.


The Old Switcharoo

Can't find the right words to say to dad this Father's Day? Don't worry, neither can Steve Harvey. At least you'll be able to give it a try with this "Wait, No" card ($5) though.


The Shack Up

My stepdad has been in my life for more than 20 years, and I have never been able to find a card as perfect as this "Inadvertently Inherited" card ($5). Where were these back in the early 2000's?


You Are The Father

A great fit for the Star Wars obsessed dad in your life, this "You Are My Father" card ($5) should be the first card on your list this year.


What Would You Do Without Me

Because living in a world without you is just not as great, reminding dad of your impact with this "Without You" card ($5) is the way to go.


I Am The Daughter

Even if you've never had to consider taking your dad on Maury to prove that he was indeed your father, this "Darth Daughter" card ($5) is still a perfect fit for the Star Wars loving dad.


Model Citizens

If you're proud of your looks and think your dad should be too, this "No Ugly Children" card ($4) is the right pick for dad this year.


Roommates For Life

A little past the moveout age? This "Sorry" card ($4) can help you show how sorry you are this Father's Day.


Doggy Daycare

When I was younger, we had two dogs named Jazz and Coco. Though I know my dad loved us, sometimes I thought the bond he had with them was stronger than the one us actual kids had. If your dad is similar to mine, this "You Were The First" card ($5) will be perfect for him.


The Dad-To-Be

He may not be a father just yet, but this "From The Bump" card ($4) is the perfect way to get him ready for fatherhood.


The Choice Is Yours

Prove your love to dad by showing him money ain't a thang with this "I'll Let You Pick" card ($3).


The Best You Ever Had

Need to remind dad just how great you are? This "Greatest Achievement" card ($4) will suffice.


The Aftermath

Whether he's your dad, granddad, brother, or friend, this "Life Before Kids" card ($4) will remind them how much more crazier their life is now that they have kids.