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Laugh Until You Cry At These 15 Instagram Captions About Homeschooling

While there are plenty of parents out there who homeschool their kids by choice (and are successful in their efforts), all the unprepared moms and dads who very suddenly found themselves filling the role of their kid's teacher recently might feel a little differently about "homeschooling" (so to speak). If you're one of these parents, you could probably use a few hilarious Instagram captions about homeschooling to help you (and your friends) feel a little better about the whole confusing situation. Better to laugh than cry, after all.

If you've been thrust into the homeschooling life, you've probably found yourself in situations where you have to lead lessons in subjects you know nothing about. That, combined with your own lack of enthusiasm about your newfound role, can make it incredibly difficult to get your kids to do their assignments... let alone stay focused and on track when they actually sit down to do them. It's an understatement to say that this new system is exhausting.

It's understandable if you've found yourself just staring out the window, missing your child's teacher, and vowing to never take them for granted again. Millions of other parents are likely doing the same thing after hard days full of long division, science projects, and history lessons. So, to help everyone feel a little less alone in the battle, share some photos and statuses on Instagram that shed some humor on the many funny failures and feelings you're facing throughout the day.



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"Today's science class topic is: 'how to discover a COVID-19 vaccine so you can go back to school.'"


Physical Education

"Homeschooling Pro Tip: Put your kid in the tub in their bathing suit and call it a swimming lesson."


Arts And Crafts

"Teaching the kids about the art of sidewalk chalk today."


Home Economics

"Not sure if home economics is still a thing, but I'm having the kids clean the house and do laundry for credit."



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"What do you do when you don't understand your child's math homework enough to teach it to them? Asking for a friend."



"Story time on YouTube Kids is essentially the same thing as circle time at school."


Sensory Development

"I think my kids are excelling at sensory development because they're getting really good at sensing when I'm about to lose it."



"If you're worn out from homeschooling, Anna and Elsa make great substitute music teachers."



"Today's history lesson: video chatting with grandma and grandpa."


Health And Wellness

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"I'm exhausted from homeschooling, so the kids are going to learn about the importance of 'mental health days' today."



"For geography, I'm having the kids just cycle through all of those Mary-Kate and Ashley movies from the late 90s and early 00s. #Culture"


Life Skills

"Knowing how to take care of yourself is an essential part of life. So, I taught the kids how to make their own $#@! peanut butter and jelly sandwiches today."


Success And Failure

"It's important to teach your kids about failing and 'trying again tomorrow,' which is exactly where I'm at with all of this homeschooling."



"Today, the kids learned about physical change when a Popsicle melted. They also learned about emotional change in adults when said Popsicle melted all over the couch."



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"We are discussing the true heroes of society right now: health care workers, grocery store clerks, essential employees, and teachers. Oh, how I miss the teachers."