15 Funny Mother's Day Gifts That'll Make Mom LOL

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you're thinking another year of flowers and a greeting card is going to do the trick? You're wrong. Sure, it can be hard to shop for your mom, especially on Mother's Day. How do you show her how much you care? How do you find a gift that's personal but not pithy? How do you avoid getting her the same exact thing your siblings are getting her? Instead of focusing on sentiment, why not focus on finding a funny mother's day gift for the lovely lady that brought you into this world?

It doesn't have to be slapstick funny. It doesn't even have to be a gag gift. It can be equal parts sentimental and silly. I know, I know, I'm making you think about a gift that you easily could've crossed off the list 20 minutes ago. But instead of treating this like a chore, why not treat it as a game? Challenge accepted. Think back on the years you've spent together, and start your search. There are plenty of gifts out there to be personalized, and plenty of gifts out there that will make your mother burst out into laughter, and then cry a sentimental tear or two. Make your gift an experience this Mother's Day, and you'll win the golden child award. (Just don't tell your mom I said that.)


Funny Mother's Day Card

Funny Mother's Day Card, $3, Etsy

What better way to thank your mother than by thanking her very frankly, for exactly for where you came from with a hilarious mother's day card?


Favorite Child Mug

Favorite Child Mug, $12, Etsy

Between my mom and I, we both know I'm her favorite child. I may not always be the golden child, but the unspoken agreement between is? Is that I'm her favorite. It's one of the perks that comes with being the first born. This favorite child mug is the perfect gift for my coffee-crazed mom.


Mother's Day Bracelet

"You Were Right About Everything," $16, Etsy

Nothing would make my mother happier than the admission that she really was right about everything, after all these years. Why not say it with a piece of jewelry that literally says it? This mother's day bracelet is simple and understated, but the engraving packs a funny punch.


Mother's Day Candle

Mother's Day Candle, $18, Etsy

You know what? Moms deserve to treat themselves. Why not help your mom out by getting her a lovely soy candle? With a little apology on the side? This mother's day candle is the perfect mix of funny and fabulous.


Hand Stamped Spoon

Hand Stamped Spoon, $16, Etsy

It's not every day that mom gets things all to herself, is it? Make sure nobody touches her ice cream with this hand stamped spoon, telling everyone exactly whose ice cream it is.


Mommy Magnet

Mommy Magnet, $5, Etsy

For a very cool mom who's passed her attitude along to you, this mommy magnet will make a sassy, hilarious addition to any kitchen.


Amazing Socks

"You're Amazing" socks, $9, Amazon

My mom loves socks. I mean, loves socks. Especially quirky socks. Because the best part of quirky socks? Is only you know you're wearing them. These amazing socks are now officially in the race for best Mother's Day gift.


Complaint Notepad

Complaint Sticky Notes, $5, Amazon

If your mother likes to be organized, consider a paper good to help her keep up with all of her complaints, like this complaint notepad. Small and concise with plenty of room for creativity, your mom will love the chance to leave these all over the house.


'How To Traumatize Your Children'

How To Traumatize Your Children handbook, $11, Amazon

Not that any moms need a handbook for this, but, you know, it's the laugh that counts, right?! This How To Tramautize Your Children handbook will give your mom the giggles, especially if she's already a pro.


Love You, Weirdo Socks

"Love You, Weirdo" socks, $10, Amazon

Yes, another pair of socks for your loving mother. Because who doesn't love witty socks?! These Love You, Weirdo socks are perfect for you and your weirdo mom.


Awesome Reminders Book

You Are Doing a Freaking Great Job book, $9, Amazon

Just in case your mom needs a few reminders at how freakin' awesome she is, check out this awesome reminders book, full of pretty typography and fun sayings, sure to brighten up the darkest day.


Slipper Genie

Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers, $10, Amazon

Is it just me? Or do you find these slippers hilarious too? Now that you're not around to help with chores, get your mom a pair of slippers that do double the work. The Slipper Genie sweeps the floor while keeping mom's tootsies warm. Bonus.


Sippin' Seat

Sippin' Seat, $29, KegWorks

For the mother who attended all of your sporting events, recitals, and more, this Sippin' Seat seat cushion is an oversized flask in disguise. Keep mom happy during the longest school play of all time.


Wearable Odor Filters

Wearable Odor Filter, $9, Amazon

Does your mom have a smelly dog? Or a smelly teenage son? Gift these wearable odor filters so that she never has to smell that terrible odor ever again. (Not to mention, imagine the hilarity of your mom walking around with one of these on her nose.)


"Mothers Are All Slightly Insane" Print

"Mothers Are All Slightly Insane" Print, $17, Etsy

If there's one thing Holden Caufield got right, it was his sentiment about mothers. Pass along the laughter and joy with this Mothers Are All Slightly Insane Print, perfect for any of your mother's walls. (Even the padded ones.)