15 Funny Postpartum Memes For The New Mom Who Needs A Laugh

Becoming a new mom can be filled with mixed emotions. Though excitement tends to take center stage, fear and uncertainty are there, too. Since motherhood is a never ending learning process, there will be times where it feels like you're not doing your best. When those time come around, knowing that you're not alone and being able to laugh about it can reassure you that you are, in fact, doing the best you can. That's why being able to have a few funny postpartum memes on hand can definitely be a way to lift your spirits.

There will be times where you won't live up to the standards that society — or, more likely, you — have set. And that's OK. More mothers need to know that it's OK if they fall short of "perfect" and don't get everything right the first time. That doesn't make you less of a mom. Motherhood is all about figuring it out, and one good way to take some of the stress off is to laugh at yourself whenever you can.

So, if you thought you were the only mom who needed a laugh about the postpartum life, here are 15 memes prove others can relate.

1. Two Ways To Stay Awake

Very accurate.

2. Mission Accomplished

Sometimes, that's all that matters.

3. Breakdown

This is real life.

4. Mom Life, Yo

See the difference?

5. Breast or Bottle?

Just so we're clear.

6. Dinner Time

When you're a new mom, this is what life becomes.

7. Double Cup

When you just need a moment.

8. Diaper On

There's no escaping the wrath of a baby.

9. Two Hours

Yeah, really.

10. First Time Parent

Life is all over the place.

11. Crumbs

Eat and go.

12. What's For Lunch

Or maybe both?

13. Surprise

What a lovely gift.

14. What Day Is It?

Will a new mom ever know?

15. Bath Time

You're not alone here.