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15 Funny AF Postpartum Tweets

Being a first time mom can be a joyous time for your entire family. Though I am not a mom myself, once my sister gave birth to my niece — who is now 3 years old — everyone's life changed. I've seen my sister sacrifice a lot after having my niece, but one thing she never lost was her sense of humor during it all. So, every time I see funny postpartum tweets on Twitter, I'm reminded of what it was like for my sister when she was a new mom.

I know being mom can be stressful at times, but I honestly can't wait until it's my time. When I read the things new moms say about their life with their little ones or remember the stories my sister has told me, I can't help but laugh at what they've experienced. From accidental poop squirts to random incidents of babies doing something embarrassing in public, there's always something to laugh it when it comes to kids.

So, if you're looking to add a little sun to your dreary day, take a look at these 15 tweets from new moms that are guaranteed to make you smile.


New Thoughts

Reaching new heights.


Army Crawl

Record and post.


Parent Problems

It'll fix that real quick.


Dirty Glasses

Fingerprints everywhere.


Great Accomplishments

All of this winning.


Boss Mom



Colder Days

Hibernating gets you almost as cranky as being hungry.


Can I Get A Redo?

Let's get all those naps back now, shall we?


Maternity Jeans

I mean, never if you ask me.


Patience Is A Virtue

Or so they say.


Maybe Or Maybe Not

The latter sounds like the right answer.


Living On The Wild Side

Living life like a rockstar.


Close Call

Moms mess up, too.


Fill Up

Apparently, the car isn't the only person that needs to be filled up.


Let's Hit It

And not just the gym.