15 Hilarious White Elephant Gifts That Peeps Will Either Love Or Hate — Perfect

For the most part, holiday gifts are supposed to be thoughtful, useful, or at least fun. You want the recipient to enjoy what you're giving. But there's one situation in which presents are supposed to be as weird as you like, and that's a white elephant gift exchange. If you're on the hunt for something bizarre, then these funny white elephant gifts are sure to help. They're gag gifts on a whole other level.

In general, white elephant gifts are lavish but burdensome, according to Bustle. The origin of the term may date back to a time in which literal white elephants were given as gifts but not permitted to do any work, as further noted by Bustle. The gift recipient was stuck with the cost of caring and feeding for a large beast who provided no real benefits in return. These days, though, the white elephant gift tends to be a useless, weird thing and the actual gift exchange becomes a competition to bring the most random, where-on-earth-did-you-find-that present of all.

If you want to win the white elephant gift party this year, then you've come to the right place. All of the gifts featured here are safe for work or family functions, but they're still silly, strange, or even a little disturbing. Basically, if you've ever wanted the excuse to purchase a yodeling pickle, then you're all set.


Meditating Cat Keychain

Meowditation Keychain Cat, $8, Urban Outfitters

OK, so there's bound to be at least one person at your party who will love the idea of a cat in shavasana pose. Everyone else, though, will be pretty confused. Please note that you will receive one keychain cat at random when you order, so hope for the quirkiest one.


Fast Food Washi Tape

Fast Food Washi Tape, $8, Michael's

I feel like everyone at a white elephant party would go absolutely nuts over tape with adorable tiny tacos all over it. The donuts roll is also pretty sweet. It would make any last-minute present wrapping that much more festive.


Springy Santa Hat

Springy Santa Hat, $13, Spencer's

Every good party needs at least one silly hat. This one, with its wobbly pom-pom on a spring, is pretty darn silly. It's begging to be worn and to be displayed across all social media platforms.


Semi-Sweary Pencils

Watch Your Mouth Pencils, $5, Etsy

For a gift that's only a tiny bit inappropriate, these pencils are perfect. They're emblazoned with some of the best soft swears around. What would you write with a fiddlesticks pencil?


Ninja Bread Cookie Kit

Ninja Bread Cookie Kit, $10, Spilsbury

Why make gingerbread when you can have ninja bread? It's much more exciting than a regular holiday cookie. Just look at their expressions and try not to laugh.


Handihorse Finger Puppet

Handihorse Finger Puppet, $8, Stupid

Few novelty gifts manage to look so adorable and so disturbing at the same time. There's nothing outright wrong about the Handihorse, but something about it is incredibly eerie. In other words, it's the perfect white elephant gift.


Fries Lip Balm

Fries Lip Balm, $5, Amazon

Sure, there's a lot of variety in lip balm flavors these days, and I may or may not have a pumpkin spice balm in my desk drawer right now. But something about the idea of combining junk food and lip balm is equal parts appealing and revolting. Is it delicious or gross? Not sure but someone is about to find out.


The Yodeling Pickle

Plastic Yodeling Pickle, $12, Amazon

Is this the most useless thing you can buy right now? Quite possibly. The yodeling pickle is sure to confuse whoever gets to take it home.


Silicone Wine Glasses

Silicone Wine Glasses, $15 for 2, Bendiware

As someone who has chipped more than a few glasses in her time, these things look pretty great. This set of two silicone wine glasses will only bend, not break. Plus, they're dishwasher safe. A few people at your party are guaranteed to love these.


Poo Pourri Bathroom Spray

Poo-Pourri Vanilla Peppermint Scent, $12, Amazon

Every white elephant gift exchange is bound to have at least one bottle of this stuff. But hey, at least it's a useful gift. This one is even a special holiday scent.


Disco Ball Tumbler

Disco Ball Tumbler, $10,

OK, I legitimately love this thing. It's a plastic disco ball that holds 20 ounces of fluid — that's a pretty mighty cocktail. If this doesn't get the holiday party started, nothing will.


Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster, $20, Uncommon Goods

Fishing and cooking foods over a bonfire have always been separate activities, until now. This fishing pole roaster lets one practice their cast while simultaneously roasting some weenies and marshmallows. It's a must for any camping junkie.


USB-Heated Gloves

USB-Heated Gloves, $9, Amazon

Chilly offices are no match for these gloves. The little built-in heating pad is powered by a USB port. As a bonus, the gloves themselves are soft and cozy.


Burrito Scented Candle

Burrito Scented Candle, $11, Perpetual Kid

For the person who loves candles and stinky foods equally, this candle is for them. It can smell like taco Tuesday every night of the week in their home.


Itty Bitty Owl Snow Globe

Tiny Owl Snow Globe, $19, Snow Domes

This is seriously the cutest little snow globe I've ever seen. It's perfect for anyone who collects owls or tiny things. Wait, isn't that all of us?

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