15 Galentine's Day Memes That Show Your Girl Squad Some Love


Leslie Knope was the sun around which Parks and Recreation revolved. She had more spunk in her little finger than the rest of Pawnee combined and when it came to giving presents, no one could top Leslie's thoughtful gifts. As a matter of fact, she loved giving presents so much that she created Galentine's Day, a holiday in which women celebrate women while eating mountains of waffle. Although you may not have time to plan an elaborate breakfast gathering like Leslie, you can send Galentine's Day memes to your friends as reminder that they are beautiful sunflowers in your life.

According to Leslie, Galentine's Day is a day devoted to "ladies celebrating ladies." Essentially, "it's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas." Celebrated on Feb. 13, it's a day for women to gather in honor of their friendship and celebrate each other with gifts and waffles. However, these rules aren't all hard and fast. Galentine's Day is about celebrating friendship, and if you and your girl squad rather have martinis instead of pancakes, then you do you. The only rule that can't be altered is valuing your friendship.

Even if you can't be with your besties this Feb. 13, let them know you're thinking of them by sending one of these 15 Galentine's Day memes.

1. The Original Galentine

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As it's creator, Leslie Knope is the OG of Galentine's Day. No one is a more loyal and loving friend than Leslie and we can all learn from her thoughtfulness.

2. Gal Squad

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No haters in this squad. Spread the Galentine love to your friends with love, from T-Swift.

3. Mad Love

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Your girlfriends mean the world to you and on Galentine's Day you want to remind them just how much you care.

4. From Ryan, With Love

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It wouldn't be a proper holiday without a Hey Girl meme from Ryan Gosling.

5. True Friends Eat Meat Trifles

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If your BFF made you a meat trifle (a la Rachel Green) for Galentine's Day, you love her enough to eat it. Well, at least one bite anyway.

6. Ovaries First

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Another great wisdom bomb from Leslie Knope — "ovaries before brovaries," is totally a real thing.

7. Friends Understand

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When you're with your best girls, you don't have to explain yourself. They just get you.

8. Gettin' It Done

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These are two women you'd no doubt have a blast with on Galentine's Day. And they could drop some serious knowledge on friendship goals.

9. Fierce Friends

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True friends help make you who you are, and bring out the best in you.

10. Call Up Your Galentine

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OK, you may not have time to pick up the phone for a Galentine's Day call. But you can still let your friend know you care.

11. You're My Fave

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If friends are your favorite, than your Galentine should have a special place in your heart.

12. Party Time

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Have a big night planned with your girl crew? Send everyone on the guest list this meme to get them in the party mood.

13. Gilly!

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Did you forget to send your bestie something for Galentine's Day? Make it up to her with this belated Galentine's Day meme. It's the perfect way to say sorry.

14. Full Of Joy

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Let your friend know how she makes you feel. Chances are, she brings a lot of joy into your life.

15. Hello From Your Galentine

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Even if your Galentine is miles and miles away, and you can't be together on this day to celebrate your friendship, you can send a hello from across the way.