15 Genius Inventions For Toddlers That Help Them…

by Bianca Mendez

It's never too early to teach kids the very basics of adulting. In fact, parents can get a jumpstart on the process with a few inventions that help toddlers learn to be more self-sufficient. There's a helpful product for every stressful encounter, from instilling important hygiene habits to building a daily routine for your little one.

Perhaps you have a kid who's become frustrated while using the potty, or maybe they're insisting on using a grown-up cup too heavy for their little hands. Small annoyances like not being able to reach the faucet or secure a button can stall self sufficiency for your kid, but the struggle gets easier with the right toys and tools.

There are tons of ways to help your child learn to be more independent, and these genius inventions are here to help. Your kid will master the littlest milestones like brushing teeth, learning when to wake up, and self-feeding with these awesome gadgets and toys.

Seeing that big smile on your kiddo's face when they successfully fasten their jeans for the first time will be a high-five for both of you. One small step for baby, one giant leap for parents everywhere. If you're hoping to grow your child's independence, these products will be super helpful.


An Alarm Clock That All About A Sleep Routine

The OK to Wake! alarm clock aims to teach tots how to settle into a solid sleep routine. Kids will love watching the clock turn green, which is the signal for it being OK to wake up. It also has a night light to comfort kids with sleeping alone in the dark.


A Monkey That Teaches The Fundamentals Of Dressing Up

By now, you may have a toddler who's eager to pick out clothes, but not exactly sure how to put them on. The Learn To Dress monkey lets kids practice dressing up by helping them with the basics. Each article of clothing is removable, teaching kids how to strap, zip, lace, and more so they can dress themselves with confidence.


A Mess-Proof Food Pouch

Most food pouches have the intention of helping babies with self feeding, resulting in a bigger mess. The EasyPouch is here to fix that. Just put the food pouch inside, and it safely latches on, preventing any spills or messes. It's made from recyclable materials and is easy for the child to grip, too.


A Toddler-Friendly Toothbrush

More parents are nervous that tots will accidentally shove their toothbrush too far into their mouths. The toddler-safe toothbrush is shaped to help little kids with grip and ultimately get the hang of brushing their teeth. It also doubles as a teething ring for babies.


An Encouraging Talking Potty

Potty training is a big milestone in child independence, but it's also a scary experience for a young tot. The Learn-to-Flush potty aims to make it a better experience, thanks to its real toilet sounds like flushing and swirling. The potty also talks, providing words of encouragement to get your kids to successfully go to the bathroom on their own.


A Quirky Bottle Holder

One of the earliest signs of independence is when your baby finally can hold their bottle. The Kinps High Temperature baby bottle holder helps them do it successfully. It's made from an environmental food-grade silicone which makes it easier for their tiny hands to grasp, and it's BPA-free.


A Tightly Sealed Snack Container

For toddlers who insist on holding their own snacks, these nifty Munchkin snack containers have silicone tight seals that easily twist off and stay put, so there are no spills. It also has two handles perfect for little hands to hold onto while eating.


A Spill-Proof Cup

Is your toddler over the sippy cup and ready to take on your expensive crystal glasses? First, try giving your tot the Munchkin Miracle 360 training cups, instead. They're designed to resist spilling with 360-degree edges, in addition to automatically sealing when your kid is done drinking.


A Toy That Makes Clean Up Fun

Teaching kids the importance of cleaning up after themselves in crucial. The Let's Play House! Dust, Sweep and Mop set comes with a duster, sweeper, and mop to encourage kids to start helping around the house, whether it's cleaning up a spill or putting away their toys.


A Clever Self-Feeding Spoon

Mastering how to use a spoon is a tricky thing for toddlers and a headache for moms when the food ends up on the floor. The BEABA spoon diminishes messes with its 360 spin feature, allowing the utensil to stay horizontal at all times. Before you know it, your kids will master the art of self-feeding with a real adult spoon.


A Timer That Promotes Proper Hygiene

Intellitec LPL822 Mini LED "Wash & Brush" Timer, $6, Amazon

Encourage your kids to develop better hygiene habits at an early age. The "Wash & Brush" timer has two timing modes for teaching kids how to wash their hands and brush their teeth properly. It mounts onto the bathroom wall and has LED green light that alerts kids of how much time they have to finish their bathroom task.


An Easy Clean-Up Bag

Make clean up after playtime effortless with this giant, sturdy play mat and storage bag. All kids have to do is throw their toys into the bag and pull the drawstring to seal everything together. And for easier clean-up, encourage your kids to play on the mat so it's less work for them and for you to pick up the toys.


Your Baby's First Taste Of Freedom

There's nothing more major than babies taking their first steps: It's a huge step towards independence. The Sit-to-Stand learning walker encourages babies to do just that and more with its multiple features to help them develop motor skills and independent play.


An Extra Step

Sometimes the most genius inventions are the simplest. The Lebogner step stool comes in handy for kids' self-sufficiency by allowing them to reach anything and everything. Use it in their room to help them reach for a toy or book, or leave it in the bathroom for them to easily get on the toilet or turn on faucets.


A Fun Way to Learn Reading And Writing

Get your tot ahead of the reading and writing game. With four modes of play, the VTech Touch and Teach Word book] aims to teach kids the fundamentals of reading, writing, and phonetics. Before you know it, your kids will be able to write their own names and read books all by themselves. You little one will be so proud to show off their reading skills when bedtime rolls around.

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