15 Gifts For 2 Year Olds That Are Fun For The Whole Family

The holidays are certainly magical, but they take on an entirely new meaning when you become a parent. Growing up, Christmas was all about exchanging presents and spending quality time with loved ones. Though it's not completely different once you're a parent, the focus definitely shifts from crossing items off of your wish list and instead turns towards making it a special day for your child. It can be tricky, though, when they aren't necessarily old enough to tell you what they want. So how do you pick out the perfect gifts for 2 year olds that are fun for the whole family? Thankfully, you have plenty of options and will have one less thing to worry about as you plan for the celebratory season.

If you're anything like me, it's not that you have a difficult time coming up with ideas for presents; it's that you can hardly narrow down all your choices. Though it can be a bit overwhelming to walk into any store and face aisle upon aisle of beeping, talking, colorful, and trendy toys and gifts, trust me when I say this list will guide you effortlessly to the present that fits your little one the best. Plus, with a simple click, you can share this guide with all the relatives and loved ones so you can save yourself yet another step in the gifting process.


Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Toy Cleaning Set

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Toy Cleaning Set, $22, Amazon

Toddlers love copying everything they see grown-ups doing — sometimes that means having to put a dollar in the swear jar. But some of the habits they pick up will help them develop life skills and you can encourage that growth with the Melissa & Doug Let's Play House toy cleaning set. The miniature mop and other helpful items aren't just adorable, they work, too. Maybe cleaning up all the gift wrap won't be so hard this year with your little one ready to pitch in.


Razor Jr. Twisti Turtle Scooter

Razor Jr. Twisti Turtle Scooter, $35, Amazon

More often than note, 2 year olds try to fo whatever the "big kids" are doing. If that means riding a scooter, then your toddler can play along with the Razor Jr. Twisti Turtle Scooter. They can still have all the fun that they would have on a traditional scooter, but this modified style is safer and helps them with their motor and coordination skills.


Tanagram Puzzle

Elloapic Tanagram Puzzle, $7, Amazon

Imagination is at its peak in young minds. Encourage their creativity and puzzle-solving skills with the Elloapic tanagram puzzle. With this set, your toddler can learn colors, shapes, size differences, and make up their own designs and stories.


Marshmallow Furniture Flip Open Sofa

Marshmallow Furniture Flip Open Sofa, $30, Amazon

Even kids enjoy kicking back and relaxing. That's why this Marshmallow Furniture flip open sofa, which comes in different character styles, is perfect for your lounging little one.


Step2 Sizzlin' Shapes Kitchen

Step2 Sizzlin' Shapes Play Kitchen, $14, Amazon

For your future culinary star, the Step2 Sizzlin' Shapes play kitchen is right up their alley. It's complete with cooking sounds, a prep station, and toy food they can match to shape openings.


Chuckle Ball Crazy Motorized Bouncing Action Ball

Chuckle Ball Crazy, Motorized, Bouncing, Action Ball, $17, Toys R Us

Sometimes kids just love kooky stuff and you can't really explain why. The Chuckle Ball crazy, motorized, bouncing, action ball has no shortage of hilarious functions. This ball can bounce, vibrate, roll, and each character makes its own sound when pressed.


Truedays Kids Play Tent

Truedays Kids Play Tent, $20, Amazon

Who doesn't love having their own private oasis? Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, Truedays kids play tent can also double as a ball pit.


B. Mat-A-Matics Dancing Piano Mat

B. Mat-A-Matics Dancing Piano Mat, $30, Target

Almost every toddler loves to move and now you can let them boogie to their heart's content. B. Mat-A-Matics dancing piano mat will provide them hours of musical, magical, and moving fun.


Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall

Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall, $50, Walmart

For your little explorer who just loves to test limits, they can investigate and develop their motor skills with the. Not only is this an educational toy, but it's designed to contain the water for mess-free play time.


Mega Bloks Build 'N Learn Table Building Set

Mega Bloks Build 'n Learn Table Building Set, 30, Amazon

Playing with blocks is basically a rite of passage for toddlers. You can introduce them to a whole new world of building with the Mega Bloks Build 'n Learn table building set. There really is no limit to what they can create with this multipurpose table.


Crayola My First Touch Lites Plus

Crayola My First Touch Lites Plus, $20, Target

For the budding artist in your family, the Crayola My First Touch Lites Plus ($20) is a win for the whole family. With this creative art pad, the only things they'll be making are memories, not messes.


Fun2Give Pop-it-Up Doll Hospital With Storage

Fun2Give Pop-it-Up Doll Hospital With Storage, $23, Target

If your child is interested in helping others or you're trying to warm them up to the idea of going to the doctor, the Fun2Give Pop-it-Up doll hospital with storage will do just the trick.


Adora PlayTime Doll Gift Set

Adora PlayTime Doll Gift Set, $38, Amazon

If you have a little cuddle bug at home, then the Adora PlayTime doll gift set is perfect for your tiny nurturer. Not only is the baby doll weighted, but it comes with a bottle and other fun accessories.


Learning Resources Grow it! My Very Own Garden Set

If your toddler loves the outdoors but you don't love all the dirt and grime, no problem. The Learning Resources "My Very Own Garden" set will let your child's imagination flourish as they work on that green thumb.


VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet

VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet, $25, Kohls

If your 2-year-old is anything like mine, they already know how to navigate all the electronics in your house better than you do. You can help their curiosity and love of learning grow with the VTech light-up baby touch tablet that helps them learn letters, numbers, shapes, and more.