15 Gifts For Feminists, Or Anybody Who's Down With Equality

This year, feminist gifts are the key to your favorite equality lover’s heart. Rather than give a stock gift like cocoa mix and a mug (not that that's not great), why not search for something a little more meaningful for the amazing feminists in your life? Not only will you be giving them a gift they're sure to love, you'll be helping them spread the message of equality. You know what a feminist loves more than spreading the message of equality? Almost nothing. And that's what I call a win-win.

Whether it’s your mother, your brother, your significant other, your girl gang, or even your co-worker, there’s a feminist gift out there for everyone. From coffee mugs with catchy sayings to home decor that pays tribute to awesome women of power (I’m looking at you, Notorious R.B.G.), this gift list is sure to satisfy. So get to clicking, y’all. Make this year the year you give gifts that Gloria Steinem would be proud of. Because while it’s only the holiday season for a limited amount of time, it’s always the season to support gender equality.


Fundamental Rights Coffee Mug

I wake up in the morning light, my daddy yells when you gonna live your life right? (News flash dad, I already am.) Oh, girls just wanna have fun(demental rights). Snag this coffee mug by Sweaty Wisdom ($16) for you, and all of your friends.


Inspirational Bookmark

For your favorite feminist reader, a beautiful bookmark by Wonder Files ($5) will remind her that every book is a world unto itself, and she's badass enough to conquer them all.


Temporary Tattoos

Sport this temporary tattoo set ($6) by Rad Heart Prints Lab, and remind everyone that your body is your choice.


Not Your Babe Unisex Tee

Sport CGA InStudio's Not Your Bae t-shirt ($20) at Sunday brunch, or to your next shindig to remind people you're no one's property.


Feminist Looks Like Coffee Mug

Dispel the myth that a feminist has to look a certain way with this feminist coffee mug ($14) by CGA Instudio.


Girl Gang Print

Add this feminist typography font print ($7) by Riot Mthrrr to your collection and support your local girl gang.


Audra Lorde Onesie

The best way to raise a feminist? Start 'em young. Gift Grow Wild Studio's feminist baby onesie ($30), and invite that babe into your feminist girl gang.


Embroidered Feminist Hoop Art

This embroidery hoop ($50) by Moonrise Whims would make any grandmother proud.


Feminist Pin

Small, sassy, succinct. Word For Word Factory's enamel lapel pin ($11) will make your fellow feminists swoon.


Women's History Coloring Book

Color with your favorite faces of feminism in this Women's History Coloring Book ($14) by Coloring Outside.


No-Smile Brooch

This Shrink Plastic Brooch ($6) by Sayonara Baby would make for a perfect stocking stuffer.


Yaaas Queen Garland

This glittery fringe garland ($42) by Fun Cult would make any party pop, or serve as a daily reminder that you are in fact, a queen or kween.


Confidence Tote Bag

"Carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white man." Words to live by, printed on a tote bag ($14).


Flannery O'Connor Print

This limited edition Flannery O'Connor Print ($15) by Ryan Sheffield would look great in your bedroom, hallway, kitchen, or... well, you get the point.


'Notorious RBG'

Read up on your favorite Supreme Court Justice in Notorious RBG: The Life And Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg ($20).