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15 Gifts Moms *Actually* Want

I like to think of myself as someone who knows her strengths and weaknesses. And one of my weaknesses is that I'm a terrible gift giver. It's true, and it bothers me. I'm pretty good at picking things out for my kids, but when it comes to literally anyone else? Not so much. So I decided to talk to some friends and ask what gifts moms actually want. Because I want to get better at this whole gift-giving thing and, also, moms deserve nice things!

We all know what "they" tell us moms want: jewelry, self-care products, and kitchen gadgets. And while many of us do want those things (I like all those things myself, and I'm a mom!), that's not all we want. Also, if I'm using something to cook for your hapless ass it's not a gift, it's a household expense, so don't you dare gift me a pan unless I've specifically asked for it. And some of us don't want any of those things! Becoming moms didn't turn all of us into the same person. So I casually surveyed a wide variety of my mom friends to see what was on their actual wish lists. Some people gave me general ideas, others gave me very specific products, and, OK, I included a personal recommendation or two myself.

I feel like I still want to work on my gift-giving skills, but I also feel like this is a great place to start: