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15 Gifts Moms Actually Want


I like to think of myself as someone who knows her strengths and weaknesses. And one of my weaknesses is that I'm a terrible gift giver. It's true, and it bothers me. I'm pretty good at picking things out for my kids, but when it comes to literally anyone else? Not so much. So I decided to talk to some friends and ask what gifts moms actually want. Because I want to get better at this whole gift-giving thing and, also, moms deserve nice things!

We all know what "they" tell us moms want: jewelry, self-care products, and kitchen gadgets. And while many of us do want those things (I like all those things myself, and I'm a mom!), that's not all we want. Also, if I'm using something to cook for your hapless ass it's not a gift, it's a household expense, so don't you dare gift me a pan unless I've specifically asked for it. And some of us don't want any of those things! Becoming moms didn't turn all of us into the same person. So I casually surveyed a wide variety of my mom friends to see what was on their actual wish lists. Some people gave me general ideas, others gave me very specific products, and, OK, I included a personal recommendation or two myself.

I feel like I still want to work on my gift-giving skills, but I also feel like this is a great place to start:

DW Home Scented Candle Set



I can't tell you how many of the moms I talked to said they wanted "fancy candles." These candles can be smelled through the entire house without being overpowering. So, go ahead and cover up that wet dog smell confident that it doesn't smell like you're *trying* to cover up the wet dog smell.

YnM Weighted Blanket



"Weighted blanket" was another very popular choice among the moms I spoke with, and its no wonder. Users claim these blankets help them with anxiety and poor sleep. Being under pressure all day is rough... but, ironically, being under a little extra pressure at night can help you feel refreshed.

Bullet Journal Notebook


Bullet Journal

For the mama who's both creative and organized (or maybe would like to be) bullet journaling is the perfect outlet. It's also perfect for the mom who's said, "You know, I'd really like to see what bullet journaling is all about. It seems neat." Don't forget to pair with a nice set of marker pens!

Insulated Ceramic Mug



Call me finicky (everyone does), but I believe hot beverages are best served in a real mug. This sleek travel mug with a bamboo top allows you to sit down with a nice hot cup of your favorite beverage wherever, whenever.

Moon Phase Earrings



Here's the trouble with moms and jewelry, especially new moms with jewelry: babies *love* to pull. As such, earrings are a no-go for the first year or so (at least). But with these chic lunar earrings, you don't have to sacrifice style... or your earlobes.

#MomLife A Snarky Adult Coloring Book



Kids are definitely onto something with their coloring books: that sh*t is soothing as hell. And what better way to unwind while playing with your kid than by busting out the ol' colored pencils and trying your hand at some of these fun, mom-themed designs yourself?

Women Who Read Are Dangerous Tote Bag



Perfect for the brainy feminist mom in your life, this badass tote can carry diapers and her copy of de Beauvoir's 'The Second Sex.'

Gentle Rose Soothing Face Mask


Belle Bar

Mom may not always have time to go to the spa (boo!) but that doesn't mean she can't pamper herself at home. Hand-made for sensitive skin with organic ingredients, this gentle-face mask can be custom mixed with honey, aloe vera juice, or simply water for a pH-balanced, soothed, moisturized, glowing complexion.

Personalized Star Map


The Night Sky

Some special moments feel like they're written in the stars. With this map from The Night Sky, you can know exactly which ones were telling the story. Simply enter your desired location and the date to see exactly what the sky looked like. You can even add your own text for an extra personal touch.

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Set (12-Pack)



These fragrant, hand-made bath bombs are perfect for a relaxing soak. And while most of these pretty little balls of soothing goodness have names like "Love" and "Beneath the Stars," my personal favorite is "Dragon's Blood," because who doesn't want to soak in a tub of dragon's blood?

Yoshi's Crafted World



What? You didn't know some moms are gamers? This new title for the Nintendo Switch is good, nostalgic fun and strikes the perfect balance between mentally challenging and "I'm very tired and just want to relax." Plus the portability of the Switch means she can enjoy this one anywhere.

Question Authority Not Your Mother T-Shirt


The Bee And The Fox

I mean... this just says it all, right? We live in a world where we want our children to stand up for what's right and speak truth to power... but maybe not *our* power because OMG, kid, if you don't eat some kind of fruit or vegetable you are going to get scurvy.

She Series Collage Poster



Artist Karen Hallion's She Series combines feminism with fandom in a collection of beautiful prints of our favorite characters and the lessons they've instilled in us.

You've Been Poisoned Tea Cup


Victorian Trading Company

Because etiquette dictates that the polite thing to do is let your enemy know you've poisoned them. 'Tis only proper.

Kimono-Style Robe


Sunday Forever

Every mom needs that One Cozy Robe to melt into at the end of a hard day... or to stay in all morning because getting dressed is just beyond your ability right now.