15 'Gilmore Girls' T-Shirts To Get You Excited For The Revival

by Meg Kehoe

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the Gilmore Girls revival is just around the corner. And if you're a superfan, you may or may not have a countdown on your calendar. You may even have a plan in place for Thanksgiving Day that involves a strategically timed tryptophan nap so you can start watching Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life at exactly midnight. You may even have your wardrobe planned for the event, because you know that an elastic waistband is going to be necessary. But what about some Gilmore Girls t-shirts to get you excited for the revival?

Because there's nothing quite like wearing a t-shirt with a veiled reference to your favorite show and having someone else recognize it. There's a certain kinship you feel when someone looks at you and yells, "Copper boom!" It's as though you immediately have an understanding with one another. After all, it's not just a show. It's a lifestyle. It's a religion. If I had it my way, I'd be wearing one of the following shirts every day leading up to the revival's release. So read on and check out a few Gilmore Girls inspired t-shirts to get you excited for the revival... and mark off one more day on your way to Nov. 25.


I Smell Snow

Why not start things out with a cozy "I Smell Snow" long sleeve ($32) for the upcoming season of snow? Because Lorelai can smell the snow, and so can I.


Life's Short. Talk Fast

If there's anything we learned from Lorelai Gilmore, it's that life is short, and you'd better talk fast. Wear this "Life's Short. Talk Fast" t-shirt ($25) to show your allegiance to the fastest talking Gilmore around.


I Just Got Hit By A Deer

Who doesn't remember the time Rory got hit by a deer? Maybe Headmaster Charleston didn't believe her, but you saw the deer, right? You totally saw the deer. Show Rory some solidarity, sport this adorable "I Just Got Hit By A Deer" v-neck ($28), and don't miss your Shakespeare test.


Shot Of Cynicism

Coffee, coffee, coffee. And cynicism. These are Lorelai Gilmore's keys to survival. Sport this "Coffee and Cynicism" t-shirt ($25) to pledge your allegiance to the elder Lorelai, and to your love of coffee and cynicism. Because it gets the best of everyone sometimes, right?


Copper Boom

Sometimes you just need to yell copper boom at the top of your lungs, right? Wear this "Copper Boom" t-shirt ($28) and take note how many Gilmore Girls fans come out of the woodwork to shout their favorite phrase at you.


In Omnia Paratus

Even if you're not ready to jump off of some very tall scaffolding in formal wear, you can sport this "In Omnia Paratus" t-shirt ($20) to show you're in the know when it comes to the Life and Death Brigade.


Coffee With My Oxygen

Who doesn't like coffee with their oxygen? Yes, the Gilmores have a higher tolerance for caffeine than most, but that doesn't mean you can't aspire to be just like them. Start by sporting this "Coffee With My Oxygen" t-shirt ($24), and then hook up the i.v. of coffee.


He Better Have A Motorcycle

You know what Lorelai says; if you're going to throw your life way, he better have a motorcycle. Grab yourself this Gilmore Girls motorcycle t-shirt ($28). to remind the people in your life about the important traits.


November 25

The Stars Hollow community calendar is always jam packed with festivals and recitals, but Nov. 25 seems is a day when everyone on town will be free. And, hopefully, you will too. Grab yourself a Gilmore Girls revival t-shirt ($18) and get ready to binge.


The Ladies of 'Gilmore Girls'

If you can say all of these in one breath, you deserve to be on this t-shirt too. Sport this ladies of Gilmore Girls t-shirt ($25) and shout out to your favorite characters.


I Love You, You Idiot

In my humble opinion, Dean was the worst and probably still is. But it was pretty adorable when Rory realized she loved him, and shouted this phrase at him. Rather than yelling the sentiment at your questionable first love, why not buy this "I Love You" t-shirt ($28) instead? Much less emotional trauma to deal with in the long run.


Take Me To Stars Hollow

There's no reason to sugar coat it. You've wanted to live in Stars Hollow at one point or another. So why not wear the love on your shirt with this Stars Hollow t-shirt ($25)?


Luke's Diner

There's no better way to represent Stars Hollow than with a Luke's Diner t-shirt ($18), is there?


No Cell Phones

Pay homage to your favorite diner with this "No Cell Phones" t-shirt ($25), because even though Lorelai will totally use her cell phone, it's the thought that counts.


It's A Religion

One thing is clear about the Gilmore Girls. It's not just a show. It's a lifestyle. No, it's a religion. Any fellow fan will agree, and they'll love your Gilmore Girls t-shirt ($19).