15 Hacks Everyone With Curly Hair Should Know

Curly hair is one of those things that you're either blessed with, or you're not. And when you do have it, you wither love it or loathe it. But regardless of how your feel about this beauty matter, there's no denying that curly hair takes a certain amount of care. You've got to have the right tools, the right products, the right hacks. Yes, there are hacks everyone with curly hair should know. There are ways to tame your mane, no matter what kind of curls you've got. From waves, to ringlets, to coils, there are hacks out there for every kind of curly hair that will make your life so much easier.

Whether it's the humidity, the dryness of your hair, or the tangles you struggle with, it's time to take a cue from the professionals and learn how to keep your curls in check. Rather than working against your curls and attempting to flatten them to your head every day, pay attention to what the following curly headed experts have to say. So that the next time you're feeling frizzy and frazzled, you'll remember these hacks, and give them a shot for super lustrous and luxurious curls.


Toss Your Brush & Use A Wide Tooth Comb

The beauty experts at Byrdie recommend tossing your brush in favor of using a wide tooth comb to tend to your curls, because the comb is less prone to break your hair while detangling.

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Use Conditioner Before You Shower

The curly hair experts from Naturally Curly told Refinery 29 that if you apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair and then top it with a shower cap before you hop in the shower, the steam will have helped the conditioner penetrate your strands by the time you're halfway through with your routine.

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Put Plastic Wrap Over Your Sink To Avoid A Clogged Drain Again

Though the girls over at The Beauty Department recommend this hack for when you're dying your hair, putting plastic wrap over your sink is equally as effective when you're combing out all of those tangles in your luscious curls.


Detangle From The Ends Of Your Hair

The ladies from Naturally Curly told Refinery 29 that its best to detangle your curls from the ends of your hair, rather from the root. It keeps more knots from forming if you start from the ends.


Use Less Hair Product

Good Housekeeping thinks you might be using a more product than you really need when it comes to taming your tresses. It can be tempting to lather on the anti-frizz serum, but you're really only supposed to be using about a dime-sized portion.


Try Co-Washing

If you suffer from chronically dry curls, Byrdie recommended co-washing your hair to lock in moisture.


Don't Rinse All The Way

Though it might sound counterintuitive to leave some of that rinse-out conditioner in at the end of your shower, the ladies at Naturally Curly told Refinery 29 that letting your conditioner act as a leave-in cream can actually help your strands.


"Pineapple" Your Hair While You Sleep

The Naturally Curly tea also believes in "pineappleing" your hair while you sleep to achieve killer curls. Check out their pineappling tutorial until you get the hang of it.


Use A T-Shirt Instead Of A Towel

Rather than wringing out your wet hair in a terry cloth towel, use a t-shirt to dry your hair. According to Byrdie, a t-shirt is much softer than a towel, and is less prone to break your hair.


Comb Your Hair In The Shower

Cosmopolitan recommends combing your curls while you're in the shower, since taking a brush or comb to them after some of the moisture has been zapped out makes your curls prone to more breakage.


Refresh Between Washes With Leave-In Conditioner

The Beauty Department recommends keeping your curls fresh between washes with a little concoction of watered down leave-in conditioner.

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Sleep On Silk Or Satin

I'm sure you've heard the wonders of sleeping on silky pillowcases before, but Byrdie is here to confirm, saying that satin or silk pillowcases can help prevent overnight frizz from forming.

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Don't Wash Your Hair On Humid Days

Kattia Solano of Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City told Stylecaster that you should never wash your hair on humid days, if you want to achieve peak curly style.


Twist Your Hair Before Bed To Lengthen The Life Of Your Blowout

Sometimes a curly girl just needs to get a blowout. And making that blowou last is an art form. According to The Beauty Department, if you twist your blown out hair before bed, it'll lengthen the life if your blowout and help prevent frizz.


Apply Hair Oil After Product To Prevent Crunch

Naturally Curly recommends applying a light hair oil to your hair after you've applied hair gel or other curl product to help prevent your curls from getting crunchy.

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