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15 Hair Care Mistakes You Hope To Never Make Again

A few years ago, I decided to attempt to go natural in an effort to help my hair be a little healthier. Unfortunately though, that didn't last more than a year before I relaxed my hair and went back to what I knew. Shortly after, I cut my hair down to a length that barely touched my shoulders. Although I've enjoyed trying different things out with my hair over time, there are so many hair care mistakes that I encountered on the way, and can only hope to never make again.

I'm not hair stylist by any means, and am as simple as it comes when it's time to style my locks. A top ponytail or bun, and I'm good to go. But it turns out those looks can be detrimental to your hair. And there is so much more damage you could be doing. From properly taking care of your hair after coloring to ensuring the right amount of moisture being locked in, some people can be completely clueless when it came to maintaining healthy hair. If you haven't gone to cosmetology school, some things that are "common" knowledge can seem to be not so common when you start researching.

But better late than never, right? Check out these 15 common hair care mistakes that you should avoid in the future.


You're Over Processing Your Hair With Color

Though changing your hair color to fit the latest trend is always fun to do, Today reported that coloring hair too often can damage your locks. Try giving the color a rest for a few months and implement conditioning treatments twice a week to help repair the damage that's been done.


You Use Hairspray Before Styling

You know that sizzling sound you hair when the flat iron touches your hair sometimes? That's your hair literally burning. According to Women's Health, the alcohols in hairspray burn with heat contact, scorching your tresses. To avoid burnt ends, always apply your hairspray after you style your hair.


You Apply Products To You Roots

With the exception of root lifter, volumizing spray or mousse, Stylecaster notes that you should avoid applying products our to roots in order to avoid damage and weighing your hair down.


You Don't Deep Condition

Greatist reminded readers that it is extremely important to deep condition your hair, especially if it is dry or damaged. In doing so, you help your hair behave better in the humidity and heat.


You Skip The Heat Protectant

According to Allure, skipping heat protectant can create damaged, frizzy, and unhealthy hair in the long term. Keep an effective heat protectant on hand for healthier, more manageable hair.


You Dye Your Full Head Just To Touch Up Your Roots

There's no need to overlap your colored strands with more color if all you need to do is touch up your roots. As Cosmopolitan noted, dying your full hair can cause over-processing, so you should only apply it to the areas needed.


You Wear The Same Style Every Day

Although it's easy to throw your hair in a high ponytail and call it a day, Stylecaster reported that wearing the same hairstyle every day could cause breakage and massive damage to your tresses.


You Comb Your Wet Hair From Root To End

Tugging your hair from root to end can cause breakage, according to Good Housekeeping. Instead, smooth out your knots and then work your way from the bottom up to properly detangle your wet hair.


You Don't Wrap Your Hair In A Silk Scarft

This rule mainly applies to women of color. Although it's very easy to fall asleep without anything on your hair, Cosmopolitan noted that not properly wrapping your hair at night can lead to it being extremely dry and brittle. The magazine added that by not sleeping with a silk scarf, your pillowcases can absorb the moisture and cause extra frizz. Not cool.


You Use The Same Shampoo And Conditioner For Years

Much like your workout routine, Greatist says that your hair eventually becomes accustomed to what you're putting in it and that includes your shampoo and conditioner. Changing up your products at least once a month gives your locks a chance to breathe.


You Don't Stick With The Same Stylist

They say if isn't broke, you shouldn't fix it and the same reigns true for your hair stylist. "Chair jumping" can make it difficult for you to build a healthy relationship with your stylist. According to The Hairstyler, having a good relationship with your stylist helps you care for your hair, thus giving you better locks.


You Wash Your Hair Too Frequently

Although a clean head of hair is one of the best feelings ever, Huffington Post noted that washing your hair too frequently strips it of the essential oils. Instead, try washing every other day and using dry shampoo in between.


You Don't Know Your Product Ingredients

Especially for women with natural hair, knowing the ingredients that you're putting in your hair is extremely important for growth and health retention. Madame Noire reminded readers that knowing what each product includes and what that particular ingredient could mean for your hair could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.


You Don't Trim Your Ends

Although some people rarely get their ends clipped, doing so can add some major benefits to your hair journey. According to Marie Claire, getting a trim helps eliminate split ends and also helps with healthy, more resilient hair growth.


You Flat Iron On High Heat

Just because it goes up to 450 degrees, that doesn't mean it needs to be that high. Women sometimes need a little extra heat to get their hair bone straight, but according to Black Girl Long Hair, flat ironing your hair on high heat can cause a lot of damage.