15 Hilarious Maternity Shirts For Witty Moms-To-Be, That Are Just Too Good To Resist

Planning out a maternity wardrobe can be something of a chore, but there's at least one way to make light of the whole pregnancy situation. Adding a few funny maternity shirts to your closet will make getting dressed a little more amusing, if nothing else. Because if you have to buy all-new clothes for this stage of your life, at least a few of them should be silly.

Hey, pregnancy can be such an overwhelming and scary experience that sometimes all you can do is laugh a little. So wear these shirts to your OB-GYN appointment, lamaze class, or any other place that needs a little levity. It's a fun way to share your humor. And to be fair, plenty of these maternity shirts are legitimately humorous. With references to classic movies, some terrible puns, and pregnancy jokes, these shirts address your coming baby in a fun way. You're bound to get a couple of laughs every time you wear one.

Plus, some moms just want a shirt that straight-up addresses the pregnancy. It's one way to avoid awkward conversations with strangers, because the shirt confirms the fact that you do, indeed, have a baby on the way. Some even warn others not to touch your bump — really, a few moms I know would appreciate these tops for every pregnancy to come, or at least until the "no-touching-random-pregnant-women" idea finally becomes more mainstream. (Don't hold your breath). Until then, here are some hilarious maternity shirts that will surely get a laugh.


Fair Warning

Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds graphic tee, $20+, Etsy

It's a clever play on the old joke about watermelon seeds. Also, the shirt comes in both black and heather grey in case you want some variety.


Sandlot Humor

You're kickin' me Smalls tee, $16+, Amazon

Are you a big The Sandlot fan? This shirt is perfect for all fans of classic '90s films. And one day you can introduce your own kids to this magical baseball-themed movie.


The New Chill

Netflix and Baby Kicks tank, $16, Etsy

It's the perfect shirt for those days when you literally just need to chill out at home. And really, you need a lot of chill days now.


Computer Humor

Baby girl loading shirt, $16, Amazon

Here's a fun shirt for any tech-loving mama (bonus points if she works in the computer engineering field). If babies came with actual loading screens, the whole pregnancy thing would be so much easier, right?


And We're Done

This is my last one tank, $16+, Etsy

If you keep getting questions about your growing family, then this shirt is a clever way to head off those intrusive inquiries. You're done.


Fair Trade

Naptime is my happy hour shirt, $30, A Pea In The Pod

If you have to give up chardonnay for nine months, at least you can replace that window when you would be socializing and drinking with a nap. It's only fair.


Whale To Do

Whale in the fishbowl tee, $30, Etsy

If you like cute graphic tees, then this is the perfect shirt for you. It's a little more low-key than the wordy shirts, but still amusing.


Hands Off

No touchy tank, $11, Cafe Press

This top is a not-so-subtle reminder to others that you still value personal space, thank you very much. Why do people insist on touching pregnant women's bellies anyway? It gets weird.


Talk Show Throwback

Maury says you are the father tee, $23, Etsy

It's a cheeky nod to one of the best tabloid talk shows of all time. Will live paternity tests still be a form of entertainment when your baby grows up? Only time will tell. In the meantime, this hilarious number is a great way to reveal to your partner that you're having a baby.


Mesozoic Era Mamma

Pregosaurus top, $11, Cafe Press

If you're a dinosaur fan, then this top is perfection.


Ninja Baby

We are hoping for a ninja tee, $25, Etsy

If any parents-to-be host a ninja reveal party, I am 100 percent there. I mean, how adorable are those tiny nunchucks?


Just So You Know

Hi. Yes. I'm pregnant. top, $25, Motherhood

Hey, shirts that help you avoid awkward questions are always in style. This one gets straight to the point.



Baby peeking pregnancy shirt, $20, Etsy

This top is equal parts adorable and disturbing. In other words, it's perfect.


Fan Favorite

Nine months you're out shirt, $25, Motherhood

It's perfect for anyone who loves baseball —or at least sport-based puns.


Yes To Tacos

My baby loves tacos shirt, $20, Crazy Dog TShirts

Hey, it's reassuring to know that your baby already has good taste, right? Cheers to you, taco baby.

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