15 Hilarious Memes That Will Make Every New Mom LOL

Although no one expects life with a newborn to be easy all the time (or at all), the reality of life with a tiny screaming human is hard to explain. Until you're in the middle of a 3:00am feeding and fending off a diaper blowout at the same time, it's hard to understand what those first few weeks of motherhood are all about, and even then you're not sure if this is actually your new reality. When you need a breather, the memes that sum up life as a new mom are there to make you laugh. Because if you can't sleep, at least you can giggle at silly things on the internet for a few minutes.

If nothing else, these memes and funny pics offer you a sense of solidarity with other moms who have been, or currently are, in the same boat. Sometimes getting your baby to sleep feels like the most impossible task in the world, and that doesn't even begin to address the many problems that feeding can bring. (Who knew latching could be such an issue?) Thankfully, though, you aren't alone when you feel overwhelmed by the sheer responsibilities of newborn care. Plenty of other parents have weathered these same struggles, and lived to tell the tale in meme form. Take a moment to scroll through these memes that perfectly sum up life as a new mama in between your baby-caring duties.


Just Trying To Stay Honest

I mean, a sleeping baby is pretty beautiful. Especially if you're still in that dreadful "sleep when the baby sleeps" phase that is quite possibly just a giant myth.


Keeping It Unpredictable

Babies really know how to keep you on your toes. Seriously, it's like your baby wants to make the whole diaper-changing process even more complicated than it already is. It's no wonder newborns go through so many of them.


Holding Your Breath

Again, the sleeping baby is something of an accomplishment. And when that little sucker is sound asleep, you most definitely do not want to risk waking them for anything. It's a very tense, high-stakes moment.


Being Optimistic

Hey, it's completely understandable and expected that your priorities change when you have a baby. Sometimes it's feel like a major victory to make time to brush your teeth, and that's OK.


Boredom Is Unacceptable

No matter how many toys are floating around, chances are your baby wants to be with you. All day. Every day. And most of the night, too.


Caffeine = Life

It's the flip side of that whole no-sleep thing. Coffee might feel like the only thing that keeps you going, so embrace the caffeine addiction.


Apples To Apples

No one tells you this, but this is actually one of the most difficult decisions a mother must face when given the opportunity. Whatever you choose, do you and hopefully you'll get the chance to pick one over again soon, but don't hold your breath.


Before & After

Why do the smallest babies seem to require the most amount of stuff? It just comes with the territory. At least your baby will feel at home wherever she goes, because most of "home" seems to come with her as well...


Trend Master

Well, at least the baby isn't judging you.


Budding Mastermind

Before you know it, you'll be able to read your baby's face as they're letting out a massive bowel movement. Yes, that's how close the two of you will become. At least you're in this together.


Sound Advice

So... never? Works for me.


Sorry Not Sorry

To be fair, it takes a while for the whole empathy thing to develop in humans, and it's definitely not happening today. Sorry.


Party Time

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you'll probably be right back up a few hours later doing one of the things that you've done half a dozen times already that day. The pooping-eating-changing cycle really never ends.


Not Fun & Games

It's one of those skills you never expected to master, yet here you are... Honestly, you probably still haven't nailed it but don't lose hope.


Make It Stop!

As far as new parents are concerned, those too-easy-to-play videos are basically the devil. Why are they always so loud? It's like people don't realize you're trying to accomplish the impossible: get the baby to sleep. You might as well just burn your phone because this is going to happen to again, and again, and again.

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