15 Hilarious Mother's Day Cards That Will Legit Make Your Mom LOL

If there's one thing every mom could seriously use this Mother's Day, it's a good laugh. I mean, breakfast in bed is nice and there's nothing like a hand-painted macaroni necklace to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, but honestly? This whole mom thing is majorly stressful, and sometimes the best gift is one that makes you legit LOL. Luckily, there are some seriously hilarious Mother's Day cards out there that are guaranteed to inspire a guffaw or two.

Sure, sweet and heartfelt Mother's Day cards have their place, but isn't it more fun to make a mom laugh than cry? (Even if they are "happy" tears.) Then, of course, there are the moms who can't stand anything even remotely sappy. For years, there weren't even any Mother's Day cards on the market that didn't feature misty watercolors and flowery script, not to mention an equally flowery sentiment. Back in the old days, if you came from a family with a darker sense of humor you were forced to hand over (or accept) those pastel envelopes with a grimace and a sense of secret shame. An awkward hug would almost certainly follow (and, hopefully, a round of mimosas).

Now, at least, sarcasm is acceptable on Mother's Day. In fact, it's rather appropriate (as these cards prove).


For the politically frustrated mom

Donald Trump Mother's Day Card ($5, Etsy)

This Mother's Day is gonna be yuge, you'll see. (Will the mom who receives this card reflexively throw it out the window? Perhaps.)


For the mom who put up with a lot of sibling rivalry

From Your Least Disappointing Child Card ($6, Etsy)

It just never ends with some siblings, does it? Years after they stop throwing toys, they're still slinging insults.


For the rocker mom

Freddie Mercury Card ($4, Etsy)

Fit for a Queen... fan. Any mom who cranks up "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the car at school pickup time will rock out over this one.


For the mom who made you give her a quarter every time you cursed

Thanks for Putting up with My Sh*t Card ($5, Etsy)

Hey, sometimes even adults have a hard time swearing around their parents. (Good thing it doesn't cost you anything now.)


For the mom who raised confident kids

At Least You Don't Have Ugly Children Card ($5, Etsy)

A healthy self-image is always a good thing.


For the mom who's still kind of skeptical about technology

Thanks for Phoning Card ($6, Etsy)

Fact: All moms must be texted back within 60 minutes or total panic will ensue.


For the mom who really, really wants grandkids

Dog Grandmother Card ($3, Etsy)

Some wannabe grandmas just have to settle for spoiling their fur grandbabies until the time is right. Think of it as practice!


For the mom who passed on her diva status

Dazzling Human Card ($4, Etsy)

Good genes are the ultimate gift, and a little recognition never hurt.


For the mom whose kids won't freaking move out

You'll Always Carry Me Financially Card ($3, Etsy)

No empty nest syndrome for this mom (and probably no retirement fund, either).


For the mom who was in labor for a long, long time

Thanks for Pushing Me Out ($4, Etsy)

Well, it's about time somebody said thank you for that particular accomplishment, isn't it?


For the mom who tries not to say I told you so

Things I Realize My Mom Was Right About Card ($5, Etsy)

To be fair, moms aren't always right (except usually, they totally are).


For the mom who needs a drink

Momtini Card ($5, Etsy)

Whether she's a wine mom or a mixed drinks kind of gal, she'll definitely relate. Best served with an actual cocktail.


For the mom whose teen made her hair turn grey

Thank You For Giving Me Life Card ($4, Etsy)

Because teenagers make toddlers look reasonable.


For the cool mom, not the regular mom

Mean Girls Card ($4, Etsy)

This one's for all the moms who are up to date on their pop culture references (or think they are).


For the mom who means well

You Keep Me Sane Card ($5, Etsy)

This card manages to sum up the complexities of mother/child relations in a way that's cute and funny (and won't start any Mother's Day arguments).

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