15 Hilarious V-Day Instagram Captions To Make Your Partner LOL... & Blush

It's February! And you know what that means: It's time to post sappy love quotes about your partner and Instagram is the perfect place where you can brag to all your friends that you are in love. Like, we get it, you found your soulmate, but more than a cute quote, people want to spot some humor so why not post a hilarious Valentine's Day caption on Instagram — something that will show everyone that you guys have a good sense of humor.

Maybe post a silly quote about how you two met, or about how you put up with each other — people love those. You could even share a funny (maybe even embarrassing) story about getting it on. Just because you've been together for a while or have kids doesn't meant that you're not fun and happy anymore. Sharing a funny Valentine's Day caption on Instagram is a great way to show the world that you and your partner have a great sense of humor about it all.

So find the cutest photo you can find of you and your babe, or just the object of your affection, and post it with one of these hilarious quotes that will let everyone know how giddy and in love you still are.


"Everyone Is Somebody's HBO GO"

Getting access to someone's HBO GO account is a big step in a relationship. If you are questioning dating someone, just see how many streaming accounts they have. It could make it all worth it.


"Love Is When You Can Show Someone How You Really Eat"

Girl, eat that hummus with your fingers. At this point in your relationship you've probably seen each others' more questionable habits.


"I Like You More Than Most People"

We all tend to lose patience with the people we love, but find that person you can tolerate the most, and you're destined for success.


"You Love Me Even When I Cry Over Spilt Almond Milk"

Even when we are crying over something totally insignificant, it's nice to have someone there for you to remind you that yes, it's silly, but it's still okay to cry about it.


"Love Is Just Finding The One You Can Tolerate"

What BS are you willing to deal with? Their loud gum chewing? Yeah, I'd take that over someone who leaves the seat up all the time.


"It's A relationship As Long As No One Says It's One"

Ever break up with someone you were never officially dating? We have all been there. If you're one of those people who always dread "the talk", then find someone who feels the same, and it could possibly just naturally turn into a relationship.


"We Have Sober Sex Now"

Your relationship has been taken to a new level: No more drunk sex with the lights off. Having sober sex with the lights on is a sign that you actually like each other.


"They Said The Hottest Thing: 'I Care About Your Feelings'"

If this isn't one of the sexiest, sweetest things that someone could say to their partner, then I don't know what is. Please, just whisper this in your loved one's ear, and it will be sure to put them in the mood.


"It's True Love When You Can Sleep With Your Retainer On"

And you thought having your own tooth brush was a big step. Try letting your boo see you with a mouth guard. Extra points if you drool and they don't even flinch.


"If You Saw How Many Times I Stalked Your Instagram, You Probably Wouldn't Date Me Anymore"

Not saying you should be obessed over your S.O. but we all know you did some snooping in the beginning of the relationship. Probably so much snooping you found yourself looking at photos from over a decade ago.


"Love Is When You Can Poo With The Door Open"

Relationships grow into beautiful things don't they?


"My Favorite Pillow"

Sometimes its just about having a nice chest to sleep on. Who needs a body pillow when you can use a literal body as a pillow?


"Someone Who Will Always Text Me Back"

Want to know how to get on someone's — anyone's! — good side? Just text them back. That's it!


"You Were Just Supposed To Be A Booty Call"

This is basically the anthem for millennial, or just modern day dating. You were just casual partners until one day you both were like, "Hey, I think I like this one."


"The First Person To Always 'Like' My Photos"

What's the point of dating someone if they aren't going to like all your Instagram photos? If they don't watch all your stories then... bye!


" Someone I Love Almost As Much As I love My Dog"

This is for the pet lovers. For them, love is about finding someone that is second on their favorites list.

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