Alejandro Moreno De Carlos/Stocksy

15 Holiday Gifts For The Sleep-Deprived Mom, Because Her Needs Are... Unique

Ask any new mom what she has on their wish list, and she'll probably tell you one thing: sleep. Of course, aside from watching her baby while she naps, that's not exactly a gift you can wrap up and hand over. If you're not in a position to take take her middle-of-the-night feeding, you can pamper her with goodies she'll appreciate. These 15 holiday gifts for the sleep-deprived mom are simple ways to show you care, you commiserate, and you're here to help her get through her sleepiest days.

No matter how much your gift recipient has prepared herself for motherhood, no one is ever really ready. Even when she's out of the newborn stage, there's the toddler phase, the kid phase, the stay-up-all-night waiting for her teenager-who-has-missed-curfew phase. The fun never ends. Really. And it turns out, hearing dozens of well-meaning moms coo "Enjoy your sleep now!" during pregnancy did help her... at all. The days of long, luxurious, full nights of sleep are gone, and now it's simply a matter of helping the mom in your life survive on the brief spurts of sleep she is getting.

So this holiday season, get her something she will truly be grateful for — at least, she will be as soon as she's somewhat awake.