15 Instant Pot Super Bowl Recipes The Kids Will Devour

If you're one of the many Instant Pot owners out there who's completely obsessed with finding excuses to use your new favorite kitchen gadget ever, look no further: It's Super Bowl time! So if you've got sports enthusiasts in your house (or heck, even if you don't), there's no better reason to whip up a buffet table's worth of football season classics than the big game. But what if a few of those fans are of the pint-sized variety? What are some easy and amazing Instant Pot Super Bowl recipes your kids will love?

Luckily, if there's one thing many traditional Super Bowl recipes have in common, it's cheese; if there's another, it's chicken (two perennial kid faves). And while some of your go-to ideas for this event might be on the spicy side, you can always adjust seasoning in recipes to accommodate little taste buds (serve the jalapeño peppers on the side, for example).

If you've got time to plan ahead, some of these recipes use your Instant Pot's slow cooker setting so you can get that fridge stocked well ahead of time and reheat before guests arrived. That way, on the day of the party, you can try out a couple of the fast-cooking recipes on the list (also a great option if you happen to receive a last minute invite to a potluck!).


Chicken Chili Verde

With just four ingredients (chicken, cumin, garlic and salsa verde), this not-too-spicy chicken chili verde from Two Peas & Their Pod is great straight-up or stuffed into a kid-friendly quesadilla (or burrito, or taco, for that matter). Even more amazing? You can have this on the table in 30 minutes!


Pulled Pork Sliders With Pineapple Slaw

Kids love sliders, and these Hawaiian-inspired shoyu pulled pork slow cooker sliders from The Little Epicurean look downright irresistible. The pulled pork cooks on your Instant Pot's slow cooker function so it'll take between 5 and 6 hours, but the texture should be perfect. (And if your kids complain, you can always leave the slaw off their sliders!)


Apple Cocktail Meatballs

About as kid-friendly an appetizer as you can get, these apple cocktail meatballs from Sugar and Soul are ridiculously easy, too, because the recipe uses pre-packaged, frozen meatballs (which, ahem, no one needs to know).


Cheesy Potatoes

Think of these insanely rich cheesy potatoes from The Cocina Monologues as a sort of hash browns and macaroni and cheese hybrid (so = YUM). Again, these use frozen hash browns as the base so they're crazy easy to make, but will take about 4 hours using your Instant Pot's slow cooker function.


Fudgy Brownies

Wait, you can make brownies in an Instant Pot? Sure you can — like these fudgy brownies from Taste and Tell, which can be ready to eat in 50 minutes (including prep time) and all the kids at your party will adore (because, brownies).


Chicken Queso Dip

Is it even legal to have a Super Bowl party without queso (which kids just happen to love anyway)? This chicken queso dip from Sugar and Soul includes shredded chicken breast for a more substantial dip, and takes under three hours from prep to finish using the slow cooker setting. To make it more palatable for little ones, consider leaving out the optional cayenne.


Honey Garlic Chicken

Here's the deal with kids and chicken: They love it. As do lots of adults, which makes anything chicken-y — like these honey garlic chicken thighs, for example — a popular choice for parties. Plus, this crowd-pleaser can be ready in 25 minutes total.


Barbacoa Beef

If you've got kids who are always begging to go to Chipotle, they'll love this barbacoa beef — ready in your Instant Pot in a total of 75 minutes, you can serve this in tacos, burritos, bowls or just on its own!


Mashed Potatoes

Fans of making mashed potatoes in an Instant Pot (slow cooker setting) say that's the only way to go, and these do look pretty amazing. Even super picky eaters will be tempted to give these a try!


Nacho Soup

What's better than nachos? Probably nothing, but nachos you can eat with a spoon sound like something the average kid/grown person would eat right up — so this nacho soup should probably have a place on your Super Bowl buffet table.


Chicken Wings (3 Ways)

Another Super Bowl party essential, wings are usually a hit with kids, too (if only because they're a huge mess). These Instant Pot Chicken Wings 3 Ways from Simply Happy Foodie only take 30 minutes and the recipe includes Buffalo, BBQ and teriyaki flavors.


Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip

Skeptical that your kids will like anything with veggies as the star ingredients? Between the cream cheese, the mozzarella and the parmesan, they're seriously not gonna sweat the green stuff in this slow-cooking (about two hours) cheesy spinach artichoke dip.


Little Smokies

Naturally, kids love cocktail franks (just make sure to cut them up into little non-choking hazard bites if you've got toddlers). But the best thing about these Little Smokies from Foodie and Wine? They're literally ready in 3 minutes. Three minutes!!


S'mores Brownies

Okay, so there's already one recipe for brownies on this list. But these s'mores brownies include marshmallows and a graham cracker crust, so it just wouldn't be right to leave them out!


Four Cheese Macaroni & Cheese

Talk about a no-brainer: Make this four cheese macaroni & cheese from Damn Delicious on the slow cooker setting & you won't even have to think twice about boiling the noodles.

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