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Kids Will *Definitely* Eat These 15 Crock-Pot Recipes At Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday to me is the perfect kind of day for just vegging out. It's not a holiday, but it has a pretty similar vibe — many of us get together with our closest friends and family members to hang out, have fun, and stuff our faces. That makes it an ideal day to bust out your Crock-Pot too, because you don't want to be stuck figuring out what to feed your little ones when everyone else is securing their spot in front of the TV. Thankfully, there are tons of kid-friendly slow cooker recipes to make for the Super Bowl that will get you out of the kitchen and back in the action.

Every time I go looking for slow cooker recipes, it blows my mind all over again just how much you can make in this one device. And since using a Crock-Pot basically involves just dumping all your ingredients in and walking away for a bit, lots of recipes are easy enough to let kids help out with (under proper supervision, of course). Planning a delicious dinner and tricking your children into making it themselves? That'd make you the real MVP.

These 15 recipes are easy as they are delicious, and sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.



A big vat of slow cooker queso like this one from The Comfort of Cooking will go fast. You can use it as a dip for chips, bread, or raw veggies. You could also pour it over nachos — which has my vote.



Pasta is always a safe option with kids, in my experience. You don't need to boil the noodles beforehand for this slow cooker lasagna recipe from Dinner Then Dessert, which is a huge time saver. You may need to break them up a bit to fit in layers in your Crock-Pot, but all the best lasagnas are a cheesy deconstructed mess by the time they make it to your plate, anyway.


Beef Chili

It's not a Super Bowl party if there's not a big pot of chili simmering away. This recipe from My Heart Beets is all meat, but if your kids are OK with beans, you can easily toss a can or two in. Tops with some shredded cheese or chips and they just might empty their bowl.


Swedish Meatballs

Bite-sized meatballs are a great party food for kids and adults alike. This Crock-Pot Swedish meatballs recipe from The Family Freezer uses heavy cream to make a delicious white sauce. It's a great way to switch things up if you've got other dishes that use red sauce like pizza or pasta.


Carnitas Taco Cups

You'll probably want to get this carnitas recipe from A Beautiful Plate started the night before, because it'll need 10 to 12 hours in the Crock-Pot for maximum flavor and juiciness. You'll also need to throw some pita chips in the oven to make little taco cups like the ones in the picture. But if you skip that step, you could always use the shredded meat in sandwiches or tacos instead.



I’ve used my slow cooker to make all kinds of food, but pizza is one thing I’d never even imagined preparing in it. This Crock-Pot pizza recipe from Climbing Grier Mountain shows it's totally doable. You can spread all your ingredients along the bottom of the pot, and set it and forget it for a few hours while you get everything else ready for game time.


Mac And Cheese

When all else fails, serve mac and cheese. I seriously don't think there's a kid alive who'd turn down a bowl, no matter how picky they are. You'll need evaporated milk and lots of cheddar for this macaroni and cheese recipe from Brown Eyed Baker — just be sure to make enough for the adults, too.


Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is one of the most delicious foods in the world, in my opinion, and it's awesomely easy to make with this recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod. Just dump in all the ingredients and cook 'til it falls apart. Pulled pork is super versatile, so if your kids aren't feeling a sandwich, you could use the filling for tacos or just throw it on top of a bowl of the mac and cheese recipe above.


Beef Pot Roast

If you or your kids aren't fans of pork, this slow-cooked beef pot roast from Plain Chicken is just as delicious and versatile. I'm pretty sure a slider piled that high with juicy, shredded beef would immediately fall apart, but that's part of the fun of eating it.


Seasoned Chicken Breasts

If it weren't for plain old chicken breasts, my daughter would probably go weeks at a time without eating meat. Having a solid recipe for simple yet delicious chicken breasts is key for me, and this one from That's What Che Said looks like it packs some good flavor despite how easy it is to throw together. Whatever else you've got on your Super Bowl menu, this simple dish should pair well.


Barbecue Wings

Even the mildest Buffalo wings might be too spicy for some kids, so coating them in a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce instead should do trick. This barbecue chicken wing recipe from Intelligent Domestications calls for just three ingredients, including the chicken. After cooking in the Crock-Pot, you'll finish them off in the oven to crisp up the skin.


Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes were a staple of my childhood, because like most kids I think I just had an affinity for eating anything messy. We tended to use canned sauce, but you can make your own homemade version using just three ingredients with this recipe from Eating on a Dime. Best of all, you've probably got all three in your kitchen already.


Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole

Cheesy, potato-y, burger-y goodness? What more could a kid ask for? This bacon cheeseburger tater tot casserole from Julie's Eats and Treats also includes some frozen mixed veggies, but your kids will probably gobble it up too fast to even notice.


Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are another one of those simple, classic foods that I can usually convince my toddler to eat, and they go great with just about anything. They're super easy to make in the Crock-Pot with this recipe from No. 2 Pencil. It calls for a little bit of cream cheese, which should help make them extra flavorful and creamy.


Rice Krispy Treats

Kids always seem to have room for dessert, so don't forget something sweet. These Rice Krispy treats from Recipes That Crock are simple enough for kids to make on their own, though they'll need a little help with cutting them up. Using a Crock-Pot liner is highly recommended here, so you don't end up scrubbing a sticky messy until your arm's ready to fall off.