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If You're Heading To Trader Joe's, Here Are The 15 Snacks My Two Kids *Love*

I love Trader Joe's. It's gotten to the point where my spice rack has so much Trader Joe's it could be a shelf in the store. I hit up my local TJ's for everything from lotion to toilet paper to orange chicken, and my kids love their stuff, too. They have a list of favorites as long as my arm, and we never leave TJ's without making sure our pantry and fridge are stuffed full of their goodies. If you're hitting up TJ's soon, here are some kid-approved snacks at Trader Joe's that will delight the little ones in your life.

Trader Joe's creates food that everyone wants to eat at affordable prices, but their snack game is particularly strong. Seriously, their aisles are filled with quick grab-and-go snacks, and awesome finger foods that can be heated and served as fast as your kids can eat them. They have the basics you'd expect, like cheese sticks and crackers, but they also have some unexpected delicacies like chocolate covered banana, and incredibly affordable giant hot pretzels. Everything I am posting here are snacks my kids have tried, tested, and deemed delicious, and let me tell you, those two beasties are picky AF.

1.Hummus Snack Pack

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These $3 hummus snack packs are found near the bacon at my Brooklyn Trader Joe's. Perfectly seasoned pita chips and plain hummus are the easiest snack for your kids to grab when they're hungry.

Extra Chocolatey Chocolate Chip Cookies

If I'm being honest, these are as much for me as they are for the kids. The bin is huge for $4.50, and the cookies are utterly addictive.

Apple Crushers

This is one of the best prices you'll find for applesauce pouches. My kids could eat several times a day — and frequently do. Stock up.

Frozen Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These can make fingers a bit of a mess, so I suggest eating them with a fork. Trust me on this one. My kids love them on top of yogurt as well.

Soft Pretzels

Your kids can make these on a paper towel in the microwave, y'all. The salt can make a bit of a mess if the kids open the packet too quickly, but just have them do it over a bowl.

Mini Pizzas

These pizzas are so delicious made in the toaster oven, and they've been snacks and dinner on more than one night in our house. At four pizzas for $4, you cannot beat the price.

Cheese Bites

Crunchy cheese. Is there anything better? There really isn't. My kids love these dunked in hummus, but being the good Midwestern gal that I am, I prefer ranch dressing.

PB&J Bars

These are the easiest things to pack in Summer camp bags. My son has been known to steal away with an entire box full of those goodies.

Fruit and Cereal Bars

I love these toasted and buttered, but my children think that it's the most disgusting thing on the entire planet. They like them straight out of the box. They're wrong, but they're cute and I love them, so I'll allow it.

Cheddar Rocket Crackers

They're better and bigger than Goldfish. I'm not kidding. Pro tip: crush these bad boys and use them to top your baked macaroni and cheese. Unreasonably delicious.


These are great right out of the package for kids, but I like to add them to salads or noodles. They're great with just a hint of soy sauce or flaked salt. At $2.99 for a solid pint of these puppies, they're affordable as well.


My kids love falafel. Like, they really love falafel. These can be fried if you're feeling adventurous, but I throw them in the toaster oven because I'm lazy.

Mini Samosas

My daughter was with me when I was doing this post, and she stopped me in my tracks and said "Momma, kids love samosas. Like, a lot." What she really means is "I love samosa, and clearly, these $4 babies are running out, so we need to buy what they have left."

Freeze Dried Grape Slices

My daughter's silly photobomb of these says it all. She loves them. They're also super crunchy, and at $3, they're much less pricey than the freeze dried fruit at Target.

Puff Dogs & Corn Dogs

Both puff dogs and corn dogs are popular in our house. The puff dogs are a bit more pricey at $6.50, but they're 100 percent worth it. The $3 corn dogs are full of carnival deliciousness.