15 Last-Minute '90s Halloween Costumes That Are All That

As a person who grew up in the '90s, there's really nothing better than everything that I experienced during that decade. The only thing that I regret about growing up in the '90s is not being able to have a great Halloween costume that served as an ode to the era. But now that it's more than 20 years later, that can definitely change. Though Halloween is rapidly approaching, there are still plenty of last-minute '90s Halloween costumes that you can create and look fabulous in.

There were so many great TV shows and movies that came out of the '90s. Because of that, there's really no shortage of costume ideas to pull from. If you're like me and absolutely love '90s cartoons, creating a really cool and creative costume should be a cinch. If the cartoons weren't really your thing, many of today's cult classic movies arrived in the '90s, so there are plenty of areas to pull from.

Overall, the '90s supplied everyone with so much greatness and that same greatness should be used as inspiration for this Halloween. If you're not sure where to start, these 15 ideas will help get you along your way.



Turn into one of the '90s favorite characters with this easy DIY costume. To nail Arnold's look, you'll need to find a flannel shirt ($15), a pair of blue jeans ($10), a blue sweater ($20), blue baseball cap ($12), and black sneakers ($20).


Johnny Bravo

Give your best impression of Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo by dressing up in a black t-shirt ($6), light blue denim jeans ($20, and some trendy black shades ($10). Don't forget to slather your hair in gel and have your self-confidence on extreme.


Angelica Pickles

if you're looking to show your bossy side this Halloween, then Angelica Pickles costume is what you need. Grab a purple dress ($28), orange long sleeve shirt ($10), blue leggings ($7), orange socks ($2), and purple shoes ($50).


Doug Funny

A green sweater vest ($36), white t-shirt ($5), khaki shorts ($13), and red shoes ($35) will be all you need to secure this nostalgic look.


Phil & Lil DeVille

Need a costume for two this year? You won't go wrong with Phil and Lil DeVille costume idea. Grab two oversized green tank tops ($6 each) and two pink short sleeve shirts ($13 each) to wear underneath. To add to Phil's costume, you'll need a pair of blue shorts ($14) and blue shoes ($30). For Lil, get some white shorts ($7) to be used as the diaper, pink shoes ($35), and a pink bow ($5).



Turn into the doll of the ball with his Cynthia costume. Dress up in a pink dress ($49) and a yellow belt ($6), and give your hair a few ponytails.


Powerpuff Girls

If Powerpuff Girls was your favorite '90s show, this would be a great creative costume for your to try. Choose a pink ($15), blue ($14), or green dress ($28) white tights ($6), black belt ($13), and black flats ($23).


Eliza Thornberry

Love adventure? Becoming Eliza Thornberry would be a great Halloween costume for you. Just put on a yellow t-shirt dress, ($11), a red sleeveless turtleneck ($12) underneath, blue socks ($10), brown shoes ($29), circle frame glasses ($13) and some red tape ($3) to create the pockets on the front.


Steve From 'Blue's Clues'

Flash back to the days where getting mail got you excited by dressing up as Steve from Blue's Clues. You might not be able to nab an identical green shirt like his, but this green IZOD shirt ($20) and a pair of khaki pants ($16) will get you as close as possible.


Cher Horowitz

A red plaid skirt ($8), white button up ($7), and red sweater vest ($16) is all you'll need for this look for Cher.


Helga Pataki

Get a pink maxi dress ($14) and cut it to the desired length, red tape ($3) to create the design on the bottom of the dress, a pink bow ($5), a white t-shirt ($9), and white shoes ($17) to become Helga G. Pataki. Don't forget to mean mug and draw on your unibrow.



Become a mad scientist this Halloween with this Dexter-inspired DIY costume. Get a white lab coat ($14), black boots ($32), purple gloves ($3), and a pair of glasses ($3).


Forrest Gump

Khaki pants ($30), a blue plaid shirt ($25), and a red baseball cap ($3) is all you'll need to nail this iconic Forrest Gump look.



Though many may not remember the show Freakazoid, his eccentric character makes for a great Halloween costume. Just get a red catsuit ($24), white gloves ($10), white boots ($20), a black mask ($4), some blue face paint ($3) and some yellow ($3) and black ($2) fabric paint for his logo.


'Legends Of The Hidden Temple' Player

Khaki shorts ($12), a solid t-shirt ($5), and a yellow helmet ($30) will be great to deliver the nostalgic look from Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden Temple show. If you really want to nail the look, get some yellow fabric paint ($3) to draw your mascot on the front of the shirt.