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15 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Adults

Halloween is right around the corner, and there's nothing worse than being unprepared. Every year I tell myself that I'm going to start getting my Halloween costume ready in July, and every year I'm left scrambling the week before trying to put something together. Though that's definitely my fault for being a procrastinator when it comes to Halloween, having some last-minute Halloween costumes for adults handy has always been my saving grace.

Sure, it kind of sucks to be left scrambling at the last minute to find a costume that will make me stand out for Halloween, but I always end up getting a grand idea. The greatest things about being able to DIY your Halloween costume is the fact that you can cater it to whatever works best for you. Being able to take a traditional idea and break it down however you like allows you to show off yoru creativity and save some money. Not to mention, you probably won't have to worry about anyone coming in the same costume as you, either.

Whether you're just a procrastinator like me or you're looking for a way to stand out this Halloween, these 15 ideas will help you nail your look.


Identity Theft

All you need for this super easy costume is a regular outfit and a pack of name tags ($7). Just write a bunch of different names on the tags and stick them on your outfit of choice.



For this costume, grab a red dress ($44), cut out some black circles to stick on, slip into some black tights ($8) and put on a black or red headband ($3).



To nail this look, get a pack of purple balloons ($8), tape them to your purple shirt ($9), throw on some purple tights ($7), and grab a green hat ($13).



Looking to be found this Halloween? Grab a red and white striped shirt ($16), a red and white pom pom hat ($7), blue jeans ($20), and black glasses ($10).


Audrey Hepburn

Head to breakfast — or the coolest party on the block — in this Audrey Hepburn-inspired DIY costume. Get yourself a black dress ($20), black gloves ($8), a tiara ($8), black shades ($10), and some nice costume jewelry ($28).


Britney Spears

Hit it in this Britney Spears-inspired costume. Throw on a black skirt ($10), white oxford shirt ($7), grey cardigan ($25), and black knee high socks ($6).


Wednesday Addams

Need an eerily good costume this Halloween? This Wednesday Addams costume may be perfect. All you'll need is a black dress with a white collar ($35) and black tights ($6).



Need a super easy costume to nail this Halloween? Think about being a scarecrow. All you'll need is a flannel shirt ($15), a pair of boots ($24), a pair of jeans ($10), and a beach hat ($12). Find a few straws of hay to stick in the sleeves of your shirt and your boots and to let fall from underneath your hat.



Black jeans ($15), a black and white striped shirt ($12), and a black beret ($13) are all you need for this look. Don't forget the white face paint ($1), too.


Rosie The Riveter

If Rosie the Riveter is your last-minute DIY-inspiration, you'll only need a red bandana ($3), denim top ($18), and a pair of jeans ($15).



Nail the unicorn look with multi-colored tutu ($20), white tank top ($6), and unicorn horn ($15).


Bride Of Chucky

Really into the Halloween spirit? Turn into the Bride of Chucky with a white dress ($20), black leather jacket ($70), black boots ($80), and a black choker ($9).


Tinder Date

Looking for someone to "swipe right" on you? Become a walking Tinder date ad. All you'll need is a red "X" and a green heart. You can also write your name and age on a piece of paper and stick it to your shirt, too. If you're really into the whole Tinder thing, create a flame to stick on your head.


'The Price Is Right' Contestant

The Price Is Right is probably the show that everyone has wanted to be on since they were kids and Halloween is the perfect time to manifest that dream. Make yourself a sign to hang from around your neck with your predicted number and stick a yellow name tag on.


Morton Salt Girl

Becoming the iconic Morton salt girl is the easiest costume ever. Just grab a yellow dress ($15), some yellow flats ($9) and a purple umbrella ($13).