15 Mannerisms You Have No Idea Men Find Attractive, According To Science

The science behind attraction and what and why certain people might find certain behaviors, qualities, and traits attractive or unattractive not only is interesting, but also can be quite useful. It can explain things that sometimes feel unexplainable or unpredictable. More than likely, there are things you do that you have a good idea come off as attractive, but there are also some little mannerisms you have no idea men find attractive, according to science, that they might not even be able to explain themselves.

Everyday, you probably do all kinds of things that men find attractive, without even knowing it. In some cases, these are little habits, quirks, or behaviors that you do without giving much thought to them. In other cases, it just might be you being you and doing the things that you want or feel right to you. Either way, these kinds of littler things probably aren't things you're doing with men in mind, but they might find some of them attractive all the same. Knowing what you're doing that might be construed as attractive even when you're not meaning to be can be useful, of course, on those occasions when you are trying to be. From exuding confidence to arching your back and more, there are lots of things you do that draw attention.


Catching Their Eye And Smiling

Whether you do this specifically to try to catch someone's attention and affections or not, making eye contact with someone and smiling can definitely come across as attractive. A 2008 study conducted by researchers at the University of Aberdeen Face Research Lab found that when women make eye contact and smile, men find them more attractive. You might think you're just being polite, but they might see things differently.


Mirroring Their Mannerisms

Whenever you subtly mirror their mannerisms, like touch your neck because they're touching theirs or reach for your glass as they take a drink, that can be seen as attractive as well. Authors of a 2009 paper published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B asserted that mirroring mannerisms can make people feel more connected to one another and stoke feelings of attraction.


Tilting Your Head

Human behavior researcher Vanessa Van Edwards wrote on her website, Science of People, that tilting your head shows that you're interested, which can attract others. Not only that, but Live Science reported on a 2010 study published in Evolutionary Psychology that women who tilt their head slightly forward are seen as more attractive by men. Head tilting is just one of those things that many people do without even thinking about it, but it might be sending others signals.


Flipping Your Hair

Men really do like the hair flip. A 1985 study conducted by psychologist Monica Moore, Ph.D., found that men find "feminine" behaviors like hair flipping to be attractive. You might not do it in an effort to be seen as more attractive, but it's having an effect.


Leaning In

Leaning in closer is another mannerism that you might not realize men find attractive. Van Edwards wrote in the previously-mentioned piece on her website that leaning forward also conveys interest, just as a head tilt does. It "pulls" that person toward you, making you the center of their attention.


Touching Their Arm

OK, so some women deliberately do this in an effort to attract, but a subconscious arm touch can still have an effect. Matt Hertenstein, an experimental psychologist at DePauw University, told NPR that touching someone's arm releases oxytocin, which helps make you feel bonded to another person. That's one of the reasons that an arm touch can be so effective.


Arching Your Back

An arched back, even done without thinking, can also be seen as attractive. Just like flipping your hair, in the aforementioned 1985 study, Moore also found that arching your back is seen as a more feminine behavior and thus elicits attraction in some men.


Licking Your Lips

Again, when Moore conducted her 1985 study, she found that men found women licking their lips attractive because they deemed it a feminine behavior. Sometimes you just lick your lips to lick your lips, though, you know?


The Way You Walk

A 2012 study published in Gait Posture found that women who are ovulating walk "sexier." Other studies have already shown that men find ovulating women more attractive, so now you know that that extends to the way you walk during that time, as well.


Straightening Your Posture

When you walk tall or sit up straight, you exude confidence and that's something that many men find attractive. A 2002 study from The Netherlands found that both men and women find confidence attractive. Own the room — they'll notice.



Research out of the University of Kansas found that men and women find laughing attractive. Men especially like when women laugh at their jokes. Don't be ashamed of your genuine laugh — it's probably something that someone likes.


Being Nice To A Server Or Picking Up Something Someone Dropped

If you're outwardly kind, even if that's just part of how you do things and you're not going out of your way to try to be kind, that's something that men find attractive. The author of a 2007 paper from the University of Texas argued that kindness is an important quality in the kind of partner for which most men are looking. If you're sweet to the person just trying to do their job, your date will notice.


Showing That You're Passionate About Things

Glamour reported on a 2015 study that found that men find passion sexy. So if you're passionate about arts education or minimizing food waste or you just can't miss your weekly dance class, it's not annoying, it's probably attractive.


Being Obviously Giddy When Taking On An Adventure

If you're excited to take certain kinds of risks, that too can be attractive. A study conducted at the University of Alaska Anchorage found that men find women who are excited about taking "ancient risks" attractive. These adventures include things like skiing, rock climbing, and other things that hunters and gatherers would've faced.


Showing That You Can Be Decisive

A 1975 study found that women who are determined to be attractive are more assertive than those who aren't. Men like decisiveness more than when you waver, it seems. Make decisions and take control.

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