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15 Low-Key Genius Gifts For Dads That Make Moms' Lives Easier

'Tis the season for gift giving, and most of us are well on our way to checking off most of the people on our lists. If you're just starting your shopping or nearing the finish line, we've got a whole new bunch of gift ideas that are actually going to help a mama out. Literally. We've compiled 15 low-key genius gifts for dads that will make moms' lives easier. Isn't that brilliant? Gifts that your partner or husband will really enjoy, but that will also benefit or help you in some way. It starts to bring some of the joy back into holiday shopping, doesn't it, knowing that it's actually a well-disguised gift for you, too?

Gifts like a new French press coffee maker are bound to land you with a little more quality caffeine as your husband perfects his technique. Or maybe your husband needs a handy keychain that can trace his keys or phone or whatever it is that he's constantly losing and asking you if you've seen. Just like that, you've got at least five minutes of every day back. Whatever your partner's interests, we've got ideas for presents that will be sure to impress dad while sneakily helping mom out. Talk about a win-win this holiday season!


For The Scatter-Brain

The Tile App (from $20, Tile)

The Tile is perfect for the dad who's constantly misplacing his phone, wallet or keys. It's little and easily be stuck onto just about anything that dad is always looking for — or always asking mom if she's seen. Sync it to the app, and you can track the lost item from any device, and mom wont' have to spend a minute looking for yet another item that she doesn't want to.


For The Charger Thief

3-pack 6-foot charger cords ($12, Amazon)

I took to labeling my charger cord and even that didn't keep my husband — or the kids — from stealing it daily. A pack of extra long cords will help curb the daily battle of constantly looking for a charging cable.


For The Budding Chef

How Not to Die, by Michael Greger ($15, Amazon)

Obviously, having your husband and the father of your children learn to eat better so that he doesn't kick the bucket early is going to help you in the long run. But maybe you'll get the benefit of him cooking you a few of the recipes in the short run, too.


For The Coffee Junkie

Bodum French press coffee maker ($35, Amazon)

If the dad in your household is a coffee drinker, gift him a new French press for making the morning brew. With any luck, he'll make enough to share and will — cross your fingers — obsess over perfecting it.


For The Night Runner

Night runner headlights ($60, Uncommon Goods)

With kids, sometimes the only time you can get out of the house to get some exercise is at night when the kids are asleep, or in the very early morning when the kids are also asleep. Gift dad these headlights and you'll get a little more peace of mind that he'll be seen on the side of the road and make it home safely.


For The Commuter

High speed car charger ($25, Jet)

If your partner spends a lot of time in his car — and a lot of time on his phone — he needs this super speedy car charger for his devices. And there's a bonus extra port for your charger when you're traveling together.


For The Casual Dresser

Half-zip pullover in Polartec fleece (from $98, J.Crew)

It's time for dad to upgrade his fraying sweatshirt he's had from college to one that you'll enjoy a little bit more when you feel like stealing his clothes, oh and will make him look a little bit dapper, too.


For The Guy Who's Always Carrying Stuff

Carhartt backpack ($43, Amazon)

This is a sure-win of a gift for the dad in your house who never leaves the house without a backpack. It's not only a cool brand, but there's enough space to carry the daily essentials for himself, the kids, and even you.


For The Handy Man

Multi-function tool ($20, The Grommet)

This weird looking piece of metal is actually a multi-functional tool, sort of like a pocket-knife without all the sharp edges. He'll love it for being able to tighten a chair leg on the fly, and you'll love it for all those tiny jobs around the house that you never feel like breaking out the tool box for.


For The Thirsty Guy

Rapid drink chiller ($30, The Grommet)

Chilly drinks in a flash — 60 seconds, to be precise. The HyperChiller makes any non-carbonated beverage ice cold in a minute, and yes, that does include wine.


For The Binge-Watcher

Kindle Fire ($140, Amazon)

In case you want to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and your partner is still stuck on Narcos, the Kindle Fire means you can both cuddle on the couch and not have to argue over which show to watch tonight.


For The Sentimental Dad

Photo book series ($10/month, Chatbooks)

For that doting dad who has a billion photos on their phone but never prints any, Chatbooks monthly photo books is the perfect solution. Of course, the bonus is that you'll get to flip through photos of your kids (and possibly yourself) that you probably wouldn't otherwise see in analog form.


For The Wannabe Sommelier

Zig zag wine rack ($45, Etsy)

The perfect rustic wine rack for storing his collection, and who's to say you won't benefit from that collection tasting?


For The Groomer

Remington vacuum hair clipper ($40, Bed Bath & Beyond)

There's nothing better than a well-groomed man. Oh wait, there is. It's a well-groomed man that doesn't leave a giant mess in the sink every time he shaves. This vacuum hair clipper saves you all the mess.


For The Shampoo Thief

Peter Thomas Roth Mega-rich shampoo ($13, Amazon)

We've got the perfect gift for that dad who is always stealing your fancy shampoo, not because he really appreciates it like you, but because it smells nice, or it's just within arm's reach. Why not get him a fancy shampoo that you'll be just as happy to steal as well!

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