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15 Perfect May-Inspired Dog Names For Your Spring Pup

This month, May dog names are as cheerful as they come, and honestly, it's about time. Although this year's spring equinox fell in March, the temperature has taken a while to reflect the season. Now that May has arrived and spring feels like it's here to stay, let's celebrate all that is new and fresh again: flowers blooming, the sun consistently shining, and summer vacation on the horizon (spring allergy season, not so much). Perhaps all that is new also includes introducing a four-legged friend into the family? The benefits of owning a dog are plentiful, according to the American Kennel Club.

Not to mention, the folks at How I Met My Dog consider warmer months the best time of year to bring home a pet. Warmer temperatures also hold more opportunities to be outside with your dog: longer walks, bonding time, dining al fresco, and playtime with new dog friends in the great outdoors. And not surprisingly, housebreaking a new pup is ideal when you don't have to stand outside with him in the freezing cold. With that said, I've got a whole host of May and spring-themed dog names for you that will have everyone excited for a trip outside to the dog park. Here's to enjoying the season with your new pet.


May (or Mae)

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Well this one is a no-brainer. Naming your new pup after the month you got her is a sweet way to remember a season of new beginnings and experiences with your newest family member. I also like the alternative spelling of Mae if you want to switch things up a bit.



If you're a lover of all things royal, what about naming your pet after Meghan and Harry's brand new addition? The Royal Family's newest member is as precious as they come, and so is your princely new pup!



Who else wants to celebrate the arrival of spring, and a new dog, with a glass of sparkling rosé? One of warmer weather's most popular drinks is also an excellent name for your new friend. I wouldn't suggest sharing a glass with him, however.



Grilling season is upon us, which makes it quite fitting that May is National Burger Month. Celebrate your new pup with one of warmer weather's most popular foods.



Spring flowers and princesses unite in the most cheerful name ever. Name your pup after the lovely Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride and one of spring's most happy-inducing flowers.



The birds are singing now that spring is here! I love the name Birdie, as do celebrity moms like Busy Phillips and Jessica Simpson.


Chickadee (Chick)

Chirp chirp! With so many little chickens hatching this spring, I can't help but love the name Chickadee and "Chick" for short. It's sweet and fun, just like your new pup.



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The sun is shining and there's no better way to celebrate than naming your dog Sunny. Just like a famous dog that lived at the White House, I love this classic name. May is also Skincare Awareness Month, and a reminder to always cover up with sunscreen when you head outside.



Magnolia blossoms are not only a sure sign of spring, they also symbolize dignity and nobility. In ancient China, magnolias were considered symbols of beauty and gentleness. The perfect name for your graceful new pup.



I love the image of picking flowers in the springtime, especially if one includes a four-leafed clover. Traditionally, the four-leafed clover is thought to bring good luck, and that's likely how you'll feel about bringing home your new pet.



Did you know that May 1 is Chocolate Parfait Day? And while parfaits do sound refreshing this time of year, it's really just a fancy way to say chocolate pudding. And Pudding, or "Pud" for short, is a simply delicious name for a dog (especially if his coloring is brown).



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This Hebrew name means "springlike, fresh, dewy." I love the way it rolls off the tongue (even when yelling at your new buddy for using your sandals as a chew toy).



When you think of spring, so many images come to mind. In the season of all things new and fresh, I can't help but think of all the little baby chickens and ducks out there that are hatching and being welcomed into the world. Your new pup is, in a way, "hatching" when he joins your family.



The arrival of spring means the arrival of all things green, fresh, and new. I love this Japanese name which means "green." And if you also happen to enjoy the popular melon liquor drink, well, I can't think of a more ideal name for your new pup.



If running through a meadow to celebrate spring weather sounds like a great idea (paging Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music), then I can't think of a more perfect name for your new pup. Perhaps then you can both go run through a meadow together?!