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15 Memes About Giving Birth That Provide Calm & Laughter During A Chaotic Time


For majority of my life, pregnancy has scared me. I thought I wouldn't have the capacity to carry another life inside of me, and found myself thinking the worst when it came to giving birth. After my sister gave birth though, I started thinking differently and soon found myself looking forward to the thought of pregnancy and childbirth. Another thing that helped me calm my thoughts were the positive memes about giving birth that I would see on social media. and the great stories that followed from new moms.

Though most memes are used to provide a laughable experience for people, pregnancy memes provide encouragement and calm during what cab be a nerve-wracking time. Even though I'm not a mom yet, those memes make me feel like when my time does come, I'll be equipped with positive thinking and ready to give my baby all the love I can. (Not to mention, the pregnancy memes have taught me more than a few things about pregnancy and delivery.)

So, whether you're currently pregnant or planning to have a baby one day in the future, these 15 memes about childbirth will put a big smile on your face and encourage you to keep going.

1. Tough Days

Real love.

2. Doulas

Everyone needs a little support.

3. Doubtful Thinking

Stay positive.

4. Miracles

Remember that.

5. Changes

Appreciate the blessings.

6. Imagine That

True or nah?

7. Emotions

One birth gives you a lifetime of experiences.

8. Birth Plans

Know your info.

9. Breathless

Parenthood in a meme.

10. Ethical Practices

Call on a doula when you need.

11. Blind Dates


12. Labor Days

Moms never miss a chance to let you know.

13. Call The Doula

All the support you need.

14. Laboring On My Back

Ha, try again.

15. Powerful Women

Women are stronger than they realize.