15 Mom Of Girl Tweets That Sum Up What It's Like To Raise Daughters


There's no set of words that can accurately describe what it's like to raise daughters. It's as terrifying as it is empowering to know that you play a large role in shaping the self esteem and future of a little girl. No matter your daughter's personality, likes, dislikes, and age, there are certain things that all girl moms can relate to, and the mom of girl tweets that pretty much sum it all up.

As the mother of two little girls myself, I know as well as anyone the roller coaster of happiness, tantrums, snuggles, diva moments, and gross situations (as one of the tweets perfectly demonstrates) that are all rolled up into raising a girl. Although most girls are a far cry from "stereotypical," each one unique, there are definitely situations that moms of boys just don't have to deal with as often. The inevitable flood of tears when it comes time to brush (or touch or look at) her hair? Turning everything (and I do mean everything) into a baby that needs to be rocked? Stealing your clothes starting at age two? These are all things girl moms know all too well — and these tweets will prove it.  

1Just Like Mom

What goes around comes around and all that.

2Future Artist

In all fairness, what kind of school assignment is this?!

3Pyramid Scheme

At least she caught on quickly.

4An Understandable Mistake

There's nothing like a daughter who makes you proud in school.

5Spa Day

Or when you spend more time painting your 3-year-old's nails, cleaning up spilled polish, and dreaming about a tropical vacation than you actually do getting a pedicure.

6Release Me, Peasant

They catch on quick, those girls.

7Let Down Your Dreads

If you play with them long enough, Barbies start to look like characters from The Walking Dead.

8One Month Going On Forever

When you're equally terrified as you are excited, you're probably the mom of a girl.

9So Much Preparation

It's totally normal to feel like a pageant director on occasion.


We'll be the first to tell you that gross behavior isn't just limited to boys

11Five More Minutes

They're the real bosses.

12Tech Queen

Everyone, meet the queens of the digital age.

13Matching Everything

Type A moms everywhere rejoice!

14One Of Those Moms

Take at as the most sincere form of flattery.

15It Will Be Ok

They'll rule the world one day, just wait.