15 Mommy Brain Memes That Highlight The Condition Perfectly

Can you count how many times today you forgot something? That explains why you were looking for your glasses for over an hour when it’s been on the top of your head the whole time. Lets face it, you might’ve had perfect memory once, but one side effect to motherhood is the “mommy brain.” This isn’t going to be the first time and it won’t be the last, and these “mommy brain” memes would surely bring back all the moments you wish you’d forgot.

“Mommy brain” can be a bit frustrating at times, but it’s mostly just another reminder of how hard you’ve been working to take care of your child. Whether you’re a new mom or raising a toddler, you’re left wondering why today may seem so easy. Other times, you’re laughing at yourself over the silliest things you’ve forgotten or misplaced. The best part is sharing and trading those stories with your family and friends.

It’s very common to share your funny moments on social media and even funnier to find a meme that relates so well to your situation. You’re not alone and these memes aren’t so far off from reality. Well, you probably forgot what you should be doing right now, so what better way to spend your time than by looking through these hilarious memes. Maybe even sharing a few to laugh along with other forgetful moms.


Blame The Kids

Lets face it. The only reason you’re forgetful is because of the kids.


All About Compromise

You couldn’t have the cake and eat it too.


Finding New Places For Things

How did that get there?


Seriously, Where Did It Go?

At least the water in my purse stood cold.


Introducing The Next Superhero

You didn’t know Wonder Woman had all those super powers?


Sephora On Your Mind

Are you sure? You look a bit tired honey.


Losing Things You Didn’t Actually Lose

I could have sworn I saw my phone.


Shopping For The Wrong Thing

Did I really need those new shoes?


You’ve Become The IOS Of Reality

Now I know how the iPhone feels when it runs out of storage.


Questioning Quiet Time

I seem too content and relaxed right now. Hm...


A Marathon Of Thoughts

Did I even take the baby?!


Remembering The Random

I can probably also recite movies, but remembering what I have to do today? Nope.


Staying Hopeful

Just imagine all the fun things I can actually do.


Too Much Pride

Writing things down only mean that I’m settling with the "mommy brain" role.


It’s Here To Stay

Just because your baby just turned one doesn’t mean it’s going to disappear.