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15 Mother's Day Gifts For The Gardener In Your Life

Mother's Day is quickly approaching, which means it's time to start shopping for the ultimate gift. While it's usually difficult to find something original, if your mom has a hobby she's passionate about — like growing a prize-winning vegetable or tending to her immaculate flower beds — the task might just be a tad easier than expected. In fact, there are more than a few Mother's Day gifts for the gardener in your life that any mom with a green thumb is sure to love.

Last year, after relocating from Brooklyn to Wisconsin, I got a large community garden plot and was determined to learn how to grow my own vegetables. From talking with my fellow community gardeners — some who've been gardening for nearly four decades — I learned about the must-have tools, and the tools that are kind of a waste of money. I also learned that investing in the right gloves, attire, and watering equipment is worth every penny!

So without further ado, here are 15 awesome items for gardening that will ward off blisters and backaches and help your mom grow a glorious bounty. Not only will the following gifts encourage her to spend more time doing what she loves, but it will give you the opportunity to do it with her. (You bet she's going to love that part).


Agrarian Tool Basket

Agrarian Tool Basket ($40, Williams Sonoma)

Whether your mom is out working in the front yard or a big garden plot, she'll appreciate having all her tools in one organized place. And while the rattan basket is already adorable, it will look even better when it's full of her homegrown veggies or freshly cut flowers.


Hori Hori Garden Knife

Hori Hori Garden Knife ($29, Duluth Trading Co.)

Hori Hori means "dig dig" in Japanese, and dig it does. This durable tool is a beast when it comes to weeding. I swear by mine. The pointed blade and curved shape work like a garden spade and the serrated edge is great for cutting. It's a super versatile tool that will quickly become your mom's go-tool garden gadget.


Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden ($20, Uncommon Goods)

If your mom is just starting to dabble in gardening, then this adorable indoor herb garden could be the perfect starter gift. The tinted vintage-looking jars are as pretty and as they are functional. They come with a passive hydroponic watering system that takes the guess work out of watering.


Outdoor Garden Sign

Outdoor Garden Sign ($37, Etsy)

If your mom considers her garden her happy place, then a pretty personalized sign is just what she needs to mark her turf. You can choose the name, the font style, and the wood type so it's just right for mom's special sanctuary.


Garden Herb Markers

Garden Markers ($9+, Etsy)

These customizable garden markers are made of solid copper so they'll last from season to season. You can choose from all kinds of herb names, too, so your mom can easily tell her thyme from her catnip!


Leather Garden Gloves

Womanswork Rose Gauntlet Leather Garden Gloves ($50, Amazon)

A good pair of gardening gloves is absolutely essential, and these extra long ones from Womanswork are perfect for pruning roses and picking in brambles. In fact, these gloves are worn by some of the best rosarians at botanical gardens.


Ultra Cushion Knee Pads

Kneelo Ultra-Cushion Knee Pads ($36, Amazon)

One thing I learned from gardening last summer was that it was a pain in the neck to have to keep carting around my foam knee pad. Enter: wearable knee pads. If your mom is known for logging long hours in her garden, these soft, flexible knee pads are just the thing she needs to be more comfortable.


Watering Can Bracelet

Watering Can Bracelet ($9, Etsy)

This whimsical charm bracelet from Revelry Jewelry will make your mom smile all year long, not just during the summer gardening months. It will remind her of her favorite hobby... and you!


The Edible Front Yard

The Edible Yard ($18, Amazon)

If your mom loves veggies but hates mowing the lawn, then this book is a must-read. It teaches you how to transform your front lawn into a bountiful garden that still has curb appeal. What's not to love about attractive edible plants?


Retro Long Spout Watering Can

Retro Long Spout Watering Can ($25, Amazon)

This cool-looking watering can can be used to water plants in the yard, on the patio, or indoors. The best part is that it doubles as patio decoration, since it's stylishly retro.


Packable Panama Hat

Packable Panama Hat ($42, The North Face)

Now your mom can take care of her garden while taking care of her skin. This wide-brimmed hat is perfect for packing up in a gardening tote, and will provide protection from those intense mid-day rays.


Plant Lady T-Shirt

Plant Lady Shirt ($22, Etsy)

Move over cat lady, there's a new gal in town! If your mom is always talking about her garden, then she needs this shirt in her life.


Ergonomic Garden Tools

Radius Garden NRGSET Gardening Tools ($48, Google Express)

Gardening can be hard on the hands, but not with this ergonomically designed gardening set. They've been tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club, so you know they're good.


Women's Heirloom Gardening Pants

Heirloom Gardening Pants ($60, Duluth Trading Co.)

These pants were specifically designed for the gardener in mind and come with built-in knee pads! They also have a waistband especially designed for bending over (no farmer's cracks here) and they contain a total of nine pockets. Your gardening mama will go ga-ga for these pantalones.


Mod Hod

Mod Hod ($30, Gardener's Supply Company)

The best part of gardening is bringing in your bounty, but the clumpy dirt can turn a clean kitchen into a pigpen. That's why these multi-purpose garden hods are so cool. You can spray your veggies down in them outside so you don't get your home dirty. And, once in side, they make for great storage.

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