15 Mother's Day Gifts For Your Mother-In-Law That She'll Love


Mother-in-law. Those three little, hyphenated words can strike a range of emotions in a woman's heart. For some, the cliché "monster-in-law" might immediately come to mind. For others, their partner's mother could actually be their BFF. Fortunately, for pretty much everyone I know, they have a fabulous relationship with their partner's mom. Think about it, this woman gave you the gift of your soulmate. It only makes sense to show her your appreciation with thoughtful Mother's Day gifts for your mother-in-law.

Whether you're trying to get in her good graces or you genuinely want to show her how much she means to you, there are a full range of options out there for Mother's Day. If you don't want to take the played out route (think: impersonal gift cards, candles, and bath and body sets), don't worry. One of the best and easiest ways to find the perfect gift for you MIL is to think about what kind of person she is and what type of hobbies or activities she is really passionate about.

Who knows? This foray into figuring out who your mother-in-law really is could turn out to be an incredible bonding experience and end up bringing you closer together. So read on and see if any of these sound like the perfect fit for your mother-in-law.

1For The Top Chef

Uncommon Goods

Wilted, squished flat herbs have been the bane of many home cooks. But this herb keeper ($23) will keep things fresh and vertical

2For The Grandchild-Obsessed


If your mother-in-law happens to live far away or just isn't as close as your grandchildren wish she was, this personalized print ($25+) will show her that you all are always connected.

3For The Environmentalist

Uncommon Goods

If you're not aware, there's been a pretty scary threat of bees going extinct, which may mean a shortage on honey.  This environmentally-friendly and weatherproof beehive ($55) could help give sanctuary to some bees in need, and make sure your mother-in-law gets honey for her tea.

4For The Tech-Savvy


Is your mother-in-law a master of the emoji? Then she'll love this cleverly disguised WoodPuck wireless charger ($36) that'll keep her battery from draining, so she can keep Snapchatting the grandkids.

5For The Fit Freak


This "ropeless" jump rope ($28) is a great gift for mother-in-laws who like to keep their heart rate up.

6For The World Traveler


This ergonomic and lightweight travel neck pillow ($30) is perfect for the MIL who racks up miles either for work or pleasure.

7For The Bookworm


Not only are these book lover's shirts ($34) cute at first glance, but upon further inspection, your mother-in-law will be delighted to see that the top is created from the entire text of her favorite book. There are dozens of titles to choose from and there are books, plays, poetry and more, too.

8For The Music Lover

House of Yve/Not On The High Street

One part wall art, one part visual music, and you get a completely unique sound waves print ($31) of your mother-in-law's favorite song.

9For The Deep Diver


This waterproof iPod case and matching earbuds ($99) will make your mermaid of a MIL feel right at home in any aquatic environment.

10For The Gardener

Uncommon Goods

Probably the only downside to gardening is the toll it can take on your back. That's why this combination gardener's seat and tool set ($30) is perfect!

11For The Coffee Fiend

Think Geek

Who doesn't love coffee, am I right? This simple and convenient coffee press mug ($15) brews one cup of joe right in your glass.

12For The Movie Critic


Give your MIL a personalized Oscar replica ($13) for anything from "Best Mother-In-Law" to "Best Grandmother" and anything in between.

13For The Wine-o

Global Amici/ Amazon

If your mother-in-law loves to imbibe from time to time, gift her this aerating wine glass set ($26)?

14For The Friend Of All Things Firry


Whether your mother-in-law has a dog or cat, this cute pet umbrella ($7) will protect their furry best friend from any kind of weather.

15For The Lifelong Learner


If your mother-in-law is always looking to try new things, check out Craftsy where they offer thousands of classes on a range of topics. For instance, you can purchase her a digital photography class ($44) to bring out her inner shutterbug.