15 Mother's Day Gifts You Can Make That Mom Will Actually Enjoy

Finding the perfect gift can be be hard, especially when it’s for the awesome, amazing woman who gave you life. You can go the traditional route this Mother’s Day and get her a bouquet of flowers or jewelry, but if you have the time, patience, and skill, why not make her something meaningful that she can treasure for years to come? Your mom deserves all the effort and appreciation in the world, and finding Mother's Day gifts you can make doesn't have to be difficult.

There’s just something about a handmade gift that makes it so much more meaningful than anything you can buy in a store. And when you are exchanging it with someone you love, the thought and effort behind it makes it even more special. No one in the world loves you more than your mom, which is exactly why she saved all your old preschool paintings and handmade Mother’s Day cards and gifts. Your mom knows you, loves you, and can completely appreciate the intention and creativity you put into your DIY gifts.

So rather than getting mom a gift she could totally buy herself, make her one of these awesome and crafty DIY Mother’s Day gifts this year and be the superstar child she's always adored.


Teacup Candle

Make mom her own beautiful and decorative Teacup Candle for Mother's Day this year. You can find beautiful tea and saucer sets at stores like HomeGoods or at thrift stores, and you can easily pick up candle making supplies from a crafting store like Michael's.


Lotion Bars

Pamper mom with some homemade natural skincare this Mother's Day and make her convenient, mess-free, moisturizing DIY Lotion Bars. You can follow this DIY Lotion Bar recipe from Nifty, or you can customize them with this basic guideline: one part oil, one part butter, and one part beeswax. Customize the bars by mixing in your own choice of fragrances, oils, additives, or butters and set the bars in a decorative mold or gift tin. You can pick up the base supplies, including shea butter, cocoa butter, and skin oils, online or from a craft store.


Coaster Tiles

You can easily, and affordably make mom a set of beautiful, decorative coasters out of inexpensive ceramic tile, Mod Podge, clear coat spray, and either scrapbook paper or fabric. Pick patterns and designs that you think she will love, and mix and match designs to make a collection.


Photo Vase

Let your creative side shine with a wonderful Mother's Day photo vase. All you need is a glass mason jar or vase, spray paint, adhesive stickers, and a photo. You can customize it with your mom's favorite photo, colors, and flowers so that she can use it as a decorative piece in her home.


Lip Butter Balms

Make mom something she'll enjoy using everyday and that will actually be good for her skin — homemade lip balms. You can check out this DIY Lip Butter Balm recipe from Anneorshine or customize them with your own version with a basic lip balm recipe guideline — three parts liquid oil (like olive, almond, or coconut), one part solid butter (like shea, cocoa, or mango butter), and one part beeswax. You can add honey or flavorings, and you should be able to find all the supplies you need online or at a craft store.


Sugar Scrub

If your mom is into skincare, make her a collection of DIY Sugar Scrubs. For the base you'll need sugar and coconut oil, and then you can add in colors, essential oils, and additives that you think mom will enjoy. Gift the scrubs in mason jars with decorative flowers, bows, or gems for a fabulous presentation.


Floral Vine Hair Pin

If your mom loves pretty hairpins and jewelry, she'll love this DIY Hair Vine Pin Comb from AnnLace. You'll need a plain gold hairpin, crystals, flower beads, pearls, and 28-gauge gold wire, all of which are easily available at craft stores like Michael's.


Heating Pad

There's nothing better than having a handy heating pad nearby when you're in pain, so why not make mom her very own heating pad for Mother's Day? You can choose from any fabric pattern you think she will like, sew it according to this DIY Reusable Heat Pack Tutorial from Alanda Craft, and then fill it with dry rice and essential oils.


Cookbook Holder

If your mom loves to cook, make her a handy kitchen gift that she can use everyday. This DIY Cookbook Holder from Homemadesimple is super easy to make, and all you'll need is a wooden cutting board, some picture molding, paint, glue, and a nail gun. To make the cookbook holder even more special, you can stencil in a message or mom's initials, and hand paint flowers or designs if you're feeling artsy.


Geode Bottle Stoppers

Make mom a beautiful collection of Geode Bottle Stoppers for Mother's Day this year. This tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens is super quick and easy. All it requires is cork bottle stoppers, a variety of geodes, and crafting adhesive. You basically just glue the geodes to the top of the cork stoppers, and you're done. You can make a variety, in different colors, and gift them to mom in a decorative box or tin. Pair it withe her favorite wine, and you've got a winning gift.


Scarf Camera Strap

If your mom is a photographer extraordinaire, she'll get a kick out of this DIY Scarf Camera Strap from The House That Lars Built. All you need is a scarf, some leather fabric, two key rings, two clasps, and a thick needle and thread. The best part about this project is that you can choose from an endless variety of scarves in different fabrics and patterns, so you can easily pick out a scarf your mom will like.


Jewelry Organzier

Help your mom organize all her jewelry with this beautiful DIY Jewelry Organizer Tutorial from Christine Kobzeff, which you can customize with your mom's favorite colors, patterns, and fabric finishes.


Pistachio & Rose Petal White Chocolate Bark

If your mom has a sweet tooth, she will definitely enjoy and appreciate this gorgeous Pistachio and Rose Petal White Chocolate Bark from Lili et Tuli Bakery. The bark is super simple to make, and you can present it to mom in a decorative gift box or tin.


Multipurpose Decoupage Mason Jars

These absolutely gorgeous Decoupage Jars from livingroom79 are the perfect Mother's Day gift, and your mom can use them in a variety of ways. She can use them in the kitchen to store sugar, tea, or cookies, as a decorative vase, or pretty much anything that she needs a container for. All you'll need is a mason jar, printed napkins, matte emulsion paint, PVA wood glue, varnish, and a few paint brushes.


Polaroid Photo Magnets

Moms love photographs, so why not turn your family Polaroids into the perfect Mother's Day gift? This DIY Polaroid Magnet tutorial from DIYlover is really easy and affordable and will turn your mom's fridge into a thoughtful display of family memories. All you need is your Polaroid or other printed pictures, foam core board, and magnets or magnetic adhesive tape.

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