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15 Movies Every '90s Kid Should Force Their Kids To Watch

There's nothing like a good '90s movie to soothe your nostalgic soul as an adult. From action to comedy to romance to thrillers, the '90s came ready and willing to supply viewers with everything they were looking for and gave reasons as to why they should always be remembered. Now that the 2000s are well underway, and most kids who grew up in the '90s have kids themselves, it's the perfect time to introduce your child to the movies every '90s kid should force their kids to watch?

Really, it's a tale as old as time, so don't feel bad about doing it. When I was kid, I remember my mom calling me into the living room and making me watch certain films that she grew up watching, particularly To Kill a Mockingbird. Though I didn't understand its importance then, I found appreciation in the film and wanted to add it to my collection as I got older. And although not every movie had that same effect, I have to say that my mom had some pretty good taste in films.

Whether you're looking to share a laugh with your kids or give them a scare into next week, these 15 movies from the '90s are ones you want to add to your list.


'Forrest Gump'

Are there really any reasons that I need to give as to why everyone should watch this movie?



As soon as the video to Iggy Azaelea's "Fancy" came out, I felt like I was seven all over again. From wanting Cher's closet to wishing I was as dope as Dionne, I couldn't imagine not showing this classic to my kids so that they understand the impact it had on the life of any and every '90s kid.


'A Goofy Movie'

Disney's A Goofy Movie will always be one of my favorite Disney movies. From the dance moves to the valuable lessons, this one has to be on your list of force worthy views.



Neve Campbell was the queen of horror movies in the '90s, and her role in each of the Scream movies only reaffirms her title. That being said, you might want to wait till your kid is a little older to show them the trilogy.


'The Blair Witch Project'

Another movie that should wait till they're older, The Blair Witch Project scared me half to death as a kid. I'm sure all the kids today won't think it's as scary, but that doesn't mean they can't get a good laugh out of it.


'The Craft'

If you don't want your kids to become obsessed or interested in witchcraft, this might be one to stray away from.


'Space Jam'

Michael Jordan. Need I say more? And with a sequel in the works, you'll want to share this film with your kids ASAP.


'The Sixth Sense'

Probably the scariest movie of the decade, The Sixth Sense took your mind to places you never even thought of. Reserved for your more mature children, this one is sure to give them a reason to stay up at night.


'Digimon: The Movie'

My little brother made me watch Digimon: The Movie every single day over the summer. I'm pretty sure I'll be subjecting my kids to the same future appreciated torment.



A story of friendships gone bad, Juice gives out lessons from the hood that everyone should be aware of. In addition, it serves as Tupac's first starring role.


'House Party'

Before my kids even think about pulling a fast one on me when I'm gone fore a weekend, I'll just play this movie to remind them that I'm hip to their shenanigans.


'Edward Scissorhands'

Tim Burton has always been known for supplying the world with great films and 1990's Edward Scissorhands falls right in line.


'The Santa Clause'

Whether they still believe in Santa Claus or not, showing off Tim Allen's awesome acting skills and Eric Lloyd's adorable role as Charlie is good enough to make the kids watch.


'The Matrix'

Big fan of Keanu Reeves? Be sure to give the kids this one to watch to remind them that the world we live in could all be a lie.


'Rugrats In Paris'

Because no childhood is complete without seeing the Rugrats do their thing.