15 Names For Happy Kids That'll Ensure A Smiling Tot


There is something to be said about choosing a name for your child with an important meaning behind it. Whether you believe that the meaning will translate into your child's character or you just want a quality namesake for them to look up to as they grow up, the meaning behind a child's name is certainly important. If "happy" is the meaning you're going for, you came to the right place. Names for happy kids are more than just adorable— if you think about it, you're setting the tone for your child's life, and hopefully his demeanor, with the name you choose. Happiness is certainly a great place to start.

The good news is, you don't have to literally name your kid Happy to convey the meaning behind the word. There are plenty of other options available. If you're looking for a unique, exotic name, words meaning happy from foreign languages might be your best bet. Conversely, some of these names you've heard for years, but you probably never knew the meaning behind them. There are gender neutral options, short and sweet options and definitely some you haven't thought of yet. One thing is for sure, naming your baby one of these names will certainly set the tone for a happy start.

1. Joy

Theodore Scott/Flickr

A name with implicit happiness and a sing-songy tone, Joy is a classic choice for your happy baby girl.

2. Jovi

A cuter, shorter version of the word jovial, which literally means happy or joyful would be an adorable choice that isn't quite as obvious as Joy.

3. Abigail

Lech Karol Pawleszek/Flickr

Literally meaning my father is joyful, Abigail can easily be shorted to Abby or Abbie if you're looking for something short and sweet. Otherwise, the name stands on it's own just fine.

4. Asher

Eduardo Mirelle/Flickr

This traditionally Biblical baby name means happy, blessed or fortunate one and would make a great gender-neutral choice.

5. Merry


A play on the more traditional Mary, this name exudes happiness and light-heartedness.

6. Nara

Guillermo Varela/Flickr

This exotic sounding name is the Japanese word for happy and is a beautiful, lesser known option.

7. Felix


This upbeat and uncommon name has Latin roots and would be a great choice for any happy baby boy.

8. Chara

A unique twist on the more common Sarah or Charlotte, this name is the Greek word for joy.

9. Hilary

David Long/Flickr

If you can separate the name from the Presidential candidate, it really is an adorable baby name meaning happy or cheerful.

10. Naomi


Meaning pleasantness, this name is a classic that is perfect for any little girl.

11. Aleeza

Donnie Ray Jones/Flickr

This energetic and exotic name is the Hebrew word for joy and would definitely make a statement.

12. Gale

Jeremy Salmon/Flickr

This gender-neutral choice (which can also be spelled Gail for a more feminine feel) means my father rejoices.

13. Tate

Beth Nazario/Flickr

This sweet, gender-neutral name meaning cheerful would certainly set the tone for your baby.

14. Winston


This name with old English roots means joy stone (what is that and how do I get one?) and would be a more subtle hint at the happiness theme.

15. Felicity


This virtuous and feminine name meaning happy and good fortune is a classic, old school choice.