15 Names From Your Childhood You Should Definitely Consider For Your Own Baby


When choosing the perfect name for your baby, you may look to books, songs, or family members for inspiration. After all, it is an important decision — one that will follow your kid through school, inspire nicknames, and even make or break their chances in the job market. But if you feel like you've tried everything and are still stumped, why not look back at your own childhood? Considering that you grew up in a time of great television and music, there are names from your childhood that you should definitely consider for your own baby.

It might have been the name of a character from one of your favorite shows, or your junior high frenemy who was the subject of countless late night journal entries, but reaching back to your childhood for your new baby's name can be both a touching tribute and extremely therapeutic at the same time.

Taken from the Social Security Administration's list of top 200 baby names from the '90s, the names on this list were the most popular during that beloved decade, and will undoubtedly bring back a lot of memories (both good and bad) from your childhood. So take a trip down memory lane with this list, and when you finally meet your new baby, you won't be able to think about anything but flannel shirts and crop tops.

1. Tyler

The name Tyler means "maker of tiles." But during my childhood, it was the name of the little boy who spent more time in the principal's office than in class.

2. Brandon

The name Brandon means "broom-covered hill," but most '90s kids associate it with that smart, handsome, goody two-shoes Brandon Walsh from 90210.

3. Dylan

If bad boys were more your thing, you were probably team Dylan, which means "son of the sea."

4. Megan

Megan means "pearl," which should be hilarious to fans of the snarky older sister on the animated series Family Guy.

5. Zachary

Who could forget that adorable troublemaker, Zack Morris from Saved by The Bell? The name comes from Zachary, which means "the Lord has remembered."

6. Heather

Heather is a botanical name with English roots, and also the name of at least one of the popular girls from your past.

7. Alexis

Alexis, which means "defender," is a perfect choice for your future little feminist.

8. Amber

Amber is a beautiful gemstone, and the middle name of the gorgeous actress who played the uber-popular head cheerleader on Saved By The Bell.

9. Austin

Though it was his middle name, Austin, which means "great, magnificent," will most likely make you think of Brian Austin Green. He was so nerdy, but so cute.

10. Ryan

There are just too many adorable Ryans to mention, but I must say Philippe is my personal favorite. Ryan means "little king."

11. Courtney

You might not want to tell too many people that Courtney means "short nose."

12. Cody

Cody means "helpful," which you can only hope will be true for your little boy or girl.

13. Morgan

Morgan, which means "sea circle," was also the name of the adorable little sister on Boy Meets World. Though the name may remind you of a girl, it's a great option for a boy too.

14. Chelsea

Chelsea is the name of a borough in London, and a neighborhood in NYC. It's also the name of the hilarious BFF on the hit Disney Channel series, That's So Raven.

15. Olivia

Fans of Scandal's bad ass crisis manager will jump at the chance to name their little girl Olivia, which means "olive tree."