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Chrissy Teigen's Most Hilarious Moments With Luna In Honor Of Her Third Birthday

Every one is very aware that Chrissy Teigen is one very funny mom of two. But she owes this all to her first born daughter, Luna, who was born three years ago today. Without learning from Luna, Teigen would never become the hilarious mama that she is now. So, all of Chrissy Teigen's most hilarious moments with Luna should be celebrated, right?

Just three years ago today on April 14, Chrissy Teigen and husband, John Legend, welcomed their first child into the world together, according to Entertainment Tonight, and their lives were changed forever. Throughout the past three years, Teigen has served as an inspiration to moms everywhere, thanks to her willingness to share so much of her life — from the high points to the low ones, too. In a 2017 issue of Glamour, she opened up about her struggles with postpartum depression after giving birth to Luna for the first time.

"I thought postpartum was, you have the baby and you're sad," she said. "It sneaks up on you. That's why I thought it was important to talk about."

Since then, Teigen's honesty has been so appreciated, especially since it's what makes her so hilarious. She isn't shy to share the funny, not so glamorous parts of being a mom of two (she gave birth to her son, Miles, last year) — and she has her kids to help her through it all.

If people can count on Teigen and her first born daughter for anything, it's their humor. These following moments of them together are so hilarious and shows just how much Luna and her mama have grown over the past three years. If they're this funny now imagine how funny they'll be three years from now.


When Luna Lost A Point To Her Brother

Giving birth isn't easy, especially when your kid rips you "to your butthole." Unfortunately, Luna did that to her mom, and her little brother didn't. Hopefully, Teigen doesn't resent her daughter too much for it.


When Luna Marched To The Beat Of Her Own Drummer

2019 was the year that Luna started dance classes, and she could not have been any more adorable while doing her dance classes. Although Luna might have not been exactly on her cue (what three year old is?), this hilariously cute video shows off how talented the little girl is.


When Luna Finally Saw Her Dream Come True

Luna had all of her dreams realized this weekend when she got a fake hand (attached to a plant) and nail polish set for her birthday, which Teigen documented on Twitter. The entire set up was hilarious and Teigen's caption was even sweeter.

"She has wanted to be a manicurist most of her life," she tweeted.


When They Couldn't See Eye To Eye

Sometimes, toddlers can act like teenagers, and Luna has never been one to hold back on her teenage personality. When Teigen tried to shoot a "YouTube" video with Luna, Miles, and her mom things didn't necessarily go according to plan — Luna ended up showing off her sassy personality.

Needless to say, Teigen and Luna didn't see eye to eye especially since she didn't want her mom saying her name. But, it did end up being one of the funniest things to happen to them.


When They Spoke Their Own Language

By Luna's second birthday, her and Teigen already had their own language together, which they were fluently communicating in. Who would have thought that "BDIDKDKOK" translated to "sausage" in Teigen-Luna speak?


When They Had So Much Fun Playing Dress Up

In 2017, Luna pretty much "won" Halloween with her super adorable and hilarious costumes. For her second Halloween, Teigen went all out, purchasing her daughter a banana, pineapple, hot dog, and peacock costume (just to name a few), according to Us Weekly.

Have you seen anything funnier (or cuter)?


When Someone Had To Stand In For Legend

When Luna saw Santa for her first Christmas, she saw it with her mom...and dad? Although Legend wasn't there in the flesh (he was in Paris, France), her got a little help from a stand in wearing a mask of his face. Luna was clearly unfazed by it all.


When Luna Got Too Carried Away At A Birthday Party

Luna got a little carried away when attending Chicago West's first birthday party this year. The Alice In Wonderland themed bash looked like a lot of fun, especially since the guests got to take home stuffed animals, which Luna clearly loved.

"Luna looking like she stole something," Teigen captioned the photo.


When Luna Was Ready For Her Close Up

When it came time to take her passport photo, Luna treated it like a magazine cover shoot — which proves that modeling runs in her blood. But Teigen was unimpressed by her daughter's model behavior.

"It's a passport photo," Teigen said sarcastically in the video.


When Teigen Regretted Her Decision Immediately

Kids really do pick up on everything and Teigen clearly learned that the hard way in December, after telling Luna to "stop it." "As soon as it came out of my mouth, I knew it would end me," she wrote.


When Luna Tried Her Hand At Singing

Kids think they're amazing singers, and you can't blame them for wanting to belt it out — Luna included. In the sweetest video posted to Teigen's Instagram account, Luna can be heard singing to "Let It Go" from Frozen.

"This song haunts my dreams," Teigen wrote in the caption. She isn't wrong.


When Luna Refused To Smile For The Camera

Luna is great at following directions, until the camera turns on. After fans commented about how Luna always appears grumpy in photos, Teigen tried to get her to smile — and then documented how hard it is to get her to smile in the caption of the photo.

"Luna one smile," Teigen wrote in the caption. "Please for mama. Okay, that's fine, you don't have to."


The Time She Got Lost

Two weeks after Teigen gave birth, she was already cracking jokes about her daughter, and tried to convince fans that she lost her baby. Oops?


When Luna Posed With Her "Daddy"

Legend has been compared to the children's book character, Arthur, from the Arthur series by Marc Brown a lot. So, when Luna got her hands on Teigen's old Arthur doll, she couldn't help herself from making a joke about it.

"Luna and daddy," Teigen captioned the photo.


When Teigen Doubted Her Baby Sitter

You can never trust baby sitters, even if they did raise you. Just a few months after Luna was born, Teigen's mom watched Luna — but she made some questionable decisions while doing so. Count on the people who raised you to make you question how they raised you.

No matter what Teigen and Luna are doing together, people can always count on them to have a very fun time.