15 Parenting Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Fatherhood


Growing up without my dad had delayed effects. Though I didn't necessarily feel it when I was a kid, as I got older, I definitely felt the pain of not having a relationship with my real dad. Even now as an adult, I feel like I missed out on something that I'll never be able to get back. So, when I see parenting memes about fatherhood, it further confirms how important it is that my future children have a father as great as some of the ones I see on Twitter.

Although my stepdad was a great man who filled in for my biological dad, we didn't really have a close relationship. I never thought it was a big deal, but now I look back and wish we could have had a stronger relationship. To be honest, I think that's why I always get so excited when I see my niece and her dad together, because it's literally like I'm living the experience through them. Mix that in with my weekly Twitter scouring, and I've found a way to briefly get in on the feeling I didn't have as a kid.

There's really nothing like a kid having their father, so if you need a way to brighten your day or need someone to relate to, these 15 fatherhood memes are perfect.

1. Baby Blenders

Or a tasmanian devil.

2. Pose For The Camera

Is this not a dad move?

3. Barely Hanging In There

Does anyone have the answer? Anyone?

4. What People Think

El. Oh. El.

5. Comic Strips

Real life.

6. Dad Level

Get on his level.

7. Work & Play

Nailed it.

8. Peaceful Looks

Peaceful parenting happens when the kids are knocked out.

9. Welcome To Parenting

They trick you into loving their cuteness every time.

10. Busy Lives

Toddlers just don't understand.

11. Sense Of Humor


12. Multitasking

Dad life, yo.

13. Adult Convos

This is as good as it gets.

14. At Home Dad


15. Teen Daughters

Nope. Not one bit.