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Just 15 Truly Adorable Photos Of Crew Gaines That Will Make You Say "OMG, Aww!"

It wasn’t too long ago that Chip and Joanna Gaines celebrated a big day for their youngest son — Crew Gaines turned 1 year old on June 24, and his proud mama celebrated the special day with some sweet throwback snaps and new photos on her Instagram account. But that's hardly the only time the Fixer Upper couple has taken to social media to gush about their baby boy. In fact, here are 15 truly adorable photos of Crew Gaines that show just how surrounded by love this youngster is.

When Crew was born in June 2018, the mom of five shared photos on her Instagram that made hearts melt around the world. One photo showed the other four Gaines children glued to the door of the birthing suite, listening intently for whatever sound might indicate their little brother had joined them. More sweet moments followed, with one snap showing newborn Crew with his mama and photos of the two of the older kids holding their new baby brother.

Crew came into the world surrounded by love, and not just with his family. In fact, according to House Beautiful, when the youngest Gaines member made his debut at work, Chip and Joanna had a signup sheet to hold him because their employees were all so eager.

So without further adieu, here are just a few of Crew's sweetest moments that show how truly loved this boy is.

Waving To Adoring Fans

Chip is an avid runner and in the 2019 Silo District Marathon he took some time to run with his boy in a stroller. Crew already knew he was the center of attention as he gave a small wave.

Cold Weather Snuggles

Joanna curled up with her baby, who was about 5 months old at the time, on a wintry November day.

“Sweater, Sweats, Snuggles, Happy weekend!” she captioned the photo.

Time For A Check-Up

For one of Crew’s routine doctor appointments, Chip gave him something to giggle at while he waited to be weighed and measured.

Cozy At The Game

A baby's first football game is a big event, but little Crew seemed intent on staying warm and sleepy as he snuggled up to mom.

So Loved

Joanna caught a sweet moment between some of the Gaines boys as they snuggled up to baby Crew. (He’s the only one who didn’t look ready for a nap.)

Ready For His Own Show

No doubt Chip has all his kids doing demolition as soon as they can hold a hammer. And in this photo, he dressed up Crew so he would be ready as soon as he could start swinging.

Can I Help You Today?

Again showing off his humorous side, Chip introduced the newest member of the Magnolia customer support team.

Safe And Sound

At just 3 weeks old, Crew slept peacefully on Joanna’s shoulder while their pup Cookie watched over them both. Such a peaceful scene.

Treasured Above All Else

With four older brothers and sisters, Crew really has no shortage of babysitters — or snugglers...

Happy With Santa

Perfecting his public wave once again, Crew said hello to the crowds and the cameras at his first meeting with Santa.

We All Look Weird Sleeping

I feel ya Crew, you can’t always be glamorous when mid-snooze.

Growing Up So Fast

In this photo, Crew shows off his first two teeth. He’s looking a lot happier here than he probably was while they were coming in.

Ready To Take On The World

Now this is how you take a baby’s passport photo.

One Of The Boys

Crew regales the men with tales of wonder and whimsey while mom and her friends shop.

The Littlest Angel

Though he looks a little like a snowman himself, he’s clearly all angel as he played in February’s snow.

Of course fans can’t get enough of the little guy and hope for many more photos of all of Crew’s sweet moments that lie ahead.